West Highland White Terriers

Description West Highland White Terriers

Active, Confident, Brave
The West Highland White Terrier comes from Great Britain. In the past, the Westie was mainly used for game or chamber hunting because of its character and its agility. Some of his character traits can still be derived from this today. Meanwhile, the Westie is often seen as a fashion dog. For example, it is often used in commercials.FCI Group: Terriers

  • Size: Small
  • Weight: 5-10kg
  • Life expectancy: 13-15 years
  • Coat Type: Medium Hair
  • Colours: white

Character West Highland White Terriers

The West Highland White Terrier is only white . Its height is about 28 cm. It reaches a weight of five to ten kilograms . The Westie is relatively sturdy and stocky for a dog of its size. He has powerful limbs to match his appearance.

The Westie has dense and strong hair growth . As a result, the head often appears slightly larger than it really is. Especially since his catch is not pointed. He has bushy eyebrows and black button eyes.
His ears are pointed .

The Westie tends to cock its small ears forward alertly. The surface is covered with short hair fluff. Its erect tail is up to 15 cm long.
The dog’s skin is covered with velvety wool . White shaggy hair grows above it all over the body .

The West Highland White Terrier used to hunt in packs. There was no time to fight with his conspecifics. Therefore, the Westie is a peaceful fellow . He usually gets along very well with other four-legged friends. Nevertheless, it sometimes happens that he wants to measure his strength in a duel.

The little rascal is not interested in whether his opponent is significantly larger than himself.
However, this can be counteracted with timely socialization at a young age. The Westie is still a vigilant hunter. That’s why he likes to scurry away to follow an animal or a scent. You should pay attention to this when going for a walk.

The West Highland White Terrier is a wild and active fellow . He is brave and has an overbearing self-confidence . His character can be described as courageous , attentive , happy and clever . The Westie is very smart and has great stamina .
He is an excellent dog for the whole family.

He really likes to play.
This character explains why the West Highland White Terrier likes to act in commercials. That is why he is one of the most popular dogs in society.
However, when it comes to fashion dogs, you always have to pay attention to where you buy your four-legged friend. Popular dogs are often kept in poor conditions by some unscrupulous breeders.

Their only goal is to make a profit. Therefore, before you buy, think about where you want to buy your Westie.
The Westie is easy to keep around town. Make sure, however, that he gets enough exercise. He loves to romp and romp.

Diet West Highland White Terriers

The West Highland White Terrier is very sensitive to too much or too little food. Therefore, the amount of food must correspond to the individual needs of your four-legged friend. Depending on their age, size, weight and level of activity, the Westie will require a different amount of food.
Also, don’t indulge or reward the Westie with too many treats. This can cause the animal to gain weight.

Once the Westie is fat, he will want to move less. This reinforces the vicious circle. You can only respond to this with a diet. The best thing to do is prevent yourself from eating too many treats right from the start. You can also give your little companion enough exercise.

Then there should be no problem with being overweight.
Whether wet or dry food, make sure that the food is of high quality and balanced.
The most important thing is that your dog tolerates the food and likes to eat it. In addition, the feed should contain all the important nutrients. You should of course adjust the amount individually to your darling.

For puppies, you should divide the daily ration into 4-5 meals. An adult Westie should only have 2 meals a day.


Regular grooming is a must to keep your Westie looking its best .
Basically you have to spoil your darling with some services. This includes brushing and trimming .
Brush and comb your dog’s hair daily to break up tangles. Here’s how you can keep it supple.

That sounds like a lot of work. But once the dog has gotten used to the procedure, it hardly takes any more time. About a few minutes a day.
If you don’t brush your hair regularly, dirt and dander will collect in it.
It is good if you start doing this when you are a puppy so that your Westie gets used to it.

Every six to eight weeks you should trim the dog’s hair as well. The Westie does not shed dead hair. Therefore you have to help and lighten the hair. To do this, brush and pluck out the old hair.
To top off grooming, you can clip and bathe the Westie.

It’s best not to do this with a machine, though. Trim the fur by hand with scissors. It must not be too short afterwards. Then you can bathe the little one. But you shouldn’t do this too often.

Only if necessary.
Because the Westie has a hard coat, bathing too often can do more harm than good. In any case, you should use a mild dog shampoo for bathing.
Another grooming alternative would be a pet grooming salon .
The West Highland White Terrier ‘s nails will need trimming from time to time.

When your dog’s claws make a noise on the ground, it’s time to clip them. You should try to keep a distance of about two millimeters from the ground.
It is advisable to check the paws or pads after each walk to see if there are any foreign bodies.
By the way, your Westie will thank you if you brush his teeth regularly . There is also a special toothpaste for dogs.

This is how you ensure that your Westie has healthy teeth. In addition, he will have fewer problems with inflammation or tartar.
You should also clean your ears and eyes regularly.


The Westie is originally from Scotland . He was bred as a dog for hunting . Especially for hunting game or rats. The founder of the breed was the hunter Colonel Edward Donald Malcolm. For example, Scottish, Cairn and Dandie Dinmont Terriers served him for breeding .

Colonel Malcolm intended to breed a nimble dog for hunting. Due to the color of its coat, it should be clearly visible in the dark and on rough terrain. In the past, it often happened that hunters accidentally shot their own dogs in the dark because they were mistaken for small game because of the dark color of their fur. That’s what happened to the Colonel too. Therefore, only white specimens were used for breeding.

However, good visibility due to the coat color was only one of his goals. He wanted to breed a brave, persistent and obedient breed. It was also important that the Westie was small in size. So he could easily penetrate animal dens and burrows and drive out game.
The West Highland White Terrier was recognized as a separate breed in 1904 .

Shortly thereafter, a West Highland White Terrier Club was formed and standards of the breed were established.
The first entry in a studbook in Germany for a Westie was in 1910 . However, the little rascal only gained popularity in the 1970s. At that time he was integrated as a family dog .
In the 1990s, registrations of the West Highland White Terrier skyrocketed.

This is probably due to a fad.

West Highland White Terriers Accessories

Of course, the accessories include everything you need to properly care for your West Highland White Terrier. For example, a brush and comb to brush and comb the fur and scissors to trim the hair. You should also get claw clippers and special toothpaste for dogs.
You should provide your Westie with ample exercise and opportunities to measure their intelligence. This is how you prevent him from getting bored.

A good alternative are dog toys. He will like to see a change. You can buy him toys to fight and romp around with or something you can use to learn tricks with.
A good accessory for a Westie is certainly also a toy that promotes intelligence . For example, you can hide food or treats in different compartments of the toy.

The dog must find a way to track them down and reach them. Again, remember that giving too many treats is not doing your dog any favors. Pay attention to his individual daily ration.
When purchasing a leash , collar or harness , you should pay attention to the right size. A cozy dog ​​mat or basket is recommended so that your Westie also has a place to retreat to .

A transport box is also recommended.

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