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Description welsh terrier

Cheerful, spirited, agile, bright
The Welsh Terrier is a well-known British dog breed. He is recognized by the FCI and is assigned to Group 3 (Terrier). With an average size of approx. 39 cm, the terrier is one of the medium-sized dog breeds. The hard-working hunting dogs reach an average weight of approx. 9 – 11 kg. The life expectancy of terriers in good health is around 12 to 15 years. The cheerful four-legged friends are popular family dogs. They get along wonderfully with children, are extremely teachable and agile. In addition, the terriers have a mind of their own. So if you are looking for a dog with personality, this animal is the right choice for you.FCI Group: Terriers

  • Size: Small
  • Weight: 9-11kg
  • Life expectancy: 12-15 years
  • Coat Type: Medium Hair
  • Colours: black and tan, mottled and tan

Character welsh terrier

The Welsh Terrier has a particularly striking appearance. Visually, he is very similar to the Airedale Terrier. The main difference between the two breeds is their body size. The Welsh Terrier is significantly smaller than its peers. It therefore looks like a miniature version, but it is a whole breed of its own.

Despite its size, the Welsh Terrier has very long legs . He has long legs covered with a lot of fur. The Welsh Terrier’s coat is one of its biggest distinguishing features. It is very dense, gapless and wiry. It should be noted that the coat of the no terrier is actually rather hard.

As a rule, black and tan are the basic colors of this dog breed. The middle of the terrier’s body is usually very dark, while the head and legs have a light golden hue.
Overall, the physique of the four-legged friends appears very compact. The head with a conspicuously long snout contributes to this. The muzzle of the Welsh Terrier is also adorned with long hair that ends in a beard.

The terrier’s ears are set high and folded forward. The four-legged friends also have very expressive eyes.
The Welsh Terrier’s demeanor is impressive. They walk very proudly and always with their heads held high. Dogs always carry their tails upright.

This exudes a whole lot of confidence. At the same time, his upright posture shows alertness. It is not for nothing that the lovable four-legged friends are considered to be extremely attentive.
The nature of the Welsh Terrier first describes that of a typical terrier. The dogs are very active and full of energy.

They have a lot of temperament and are often a bit stubborn . Like most terriers, Welsh Terriers are fun to be with. They like to romp and play and are constantly on the move.
At the same time, the four-legged friends are brave and completely fearless. Although the animals are not aggressive, they do not shy away from an argument.

Especially not when it comes to protecting their owners or family. The four-legged friend approaches strangers and animals boldly and confidently. The happy terriers are hardly ever found unsure of themselves.
Welsh Terriers form a close bond with their owners. Once the basis of trust has been created, the animals are affectionate and demand a lot of attention.

Since terriers are confident, gaining their trust is not difficult. They are basically not afraid of people and approach them brightly and curiously.
The faithful four-legged friends are also extremely intelligent . They learn quickly and with pleasure. Welsh Terriers are easy to lead and training does not pose any particular difficulties.

However, it is beneficial to know that dogs have minds of their own. This trait should not be discouraged, but rather valued.
The active fur noses are bursting with energy. The dogs therefore absolutely need a job. Mere daily walks are not enough for them.

Lots of exercise and excursions into nature, on the other hand, are just right for the nimble dogs. They are also very suitable for participating in dog sports .
You can also teach the animals all hands. Due to their inquisitive nature, they learn tricks and tricks in no time at all. Ideally, you will find a suitable occupation for the terrier.

For him there is nothing worse than boredom.

Diet welsh terrier

The lively terriers are considered vital and healthy dog ​​breeds. Specific breed-typical diseases are not known. Feeding the animals is therefore unproblematic. Varied and balanced meals are important to ensure animal health. Treats are particularly suitable as a reward for learning tricks and games .

Since the dogs are real terriers, a chewing bone is just the thing from time to time. This trains the jaw and the dog is busy at the same time.


Keeping and caring for the dogs is not particularly complicated. The dogs do not make great demands on the size of their living space. They can therefore also be kept in an apartment.
In any case, the prerequisite is that the dog is sufficiently occupied on a daily basis. A good way is to think of the dog as a sporting partner.

Terriers are great to take along for jogging or cycling. Romping around or using dog toys can also be useful here. Another option is to visit dog parks regularly . Here the agile four-legged friends can play with like-minded people.
Its hunting instinct should be taken into account during long walks in nature.

This can sometimes distract the dogs and disturb them.
The terrier is also great for romping around with children. It is robust and not too squeamish. He plays with a lot of joy and still lovingly protects the children while playing. The Welsh Terrier knows how to behave.

So it can easily be taken with you on trips or in restaurants.
The fur care of the four-legged friends is also relatively simple. It is recommended to have the dense and wiry coat trimmed several times a year. This process should take place about 3-4 times a year. Trimming properly removes the dead hair.

This is necessary because the hair does not fall out on its own. Otherwise, regular brushing and combing is completely sufficient for grooming.


The very first ancestors of the lively terriers came from Wales. The first known origins of this breed go back to the 10th century. It is therefore a very old breed of dog.
However, targeted breeding of the Welsh Terrier began comparatively late. Breeding only started in England at the beginning of the 19th century.

The first Welsh Terrier breed club was founded there in 1886.
The temperamental terriers were considered a popular dog breed early on. At that time, the dogs were particularly popular as hunters and kept. On large farms , the four-legged friends successfully protected the chickens and small animals that lived there. They are said to have scared away rats, maggots and even foxes.

In Germany, the Welsh Terrier only became known much later. The breed spread here around the beginning of the 20th century. In 1931 he was admitted to the German Terrier Club.
Today, the Welsh Terrier is rarely kept as a hunting dog. Rather, they have become great companion dogs that have not lost their hunting instinct.

welsh terrier Accessories

The Welsh Terrier loves all kinds of games. The dog will enjoy getting some dog toys . The animals especially like ball games. Pulling and tugging toys also work well with this breed. It should be noted, however, that lively terriers should not be left unattended with toys.

Otherwise there is a risk that they will break them out of sheer boredom.
A suitable retreat for the four-legged friends is also mandatory. The animal needs this to be able to rest.

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