Spring has come: shameful questions about sexual hunting of cats


The season of sexual hunting can be considered officially open. Very soon, serenades will sound in many apartments of the country, and cats will become especially demanding. How to understand that the hunt has begun, and how to help your pet survive stress – we tell in our material.

When does the hunting season start?

For domestic cats and cats, it can be almost all year round, because at home it is always warm and satisfying, but the main, active period is from March to October.

At what age is a cat ready to mate?

It depends on the breed and genes, but on average, a cat reaches puberty by the 6th to 8th month of life. Around this time, estrus begins , the first egg matures – which means that the female is physically ready for fertilization. As for cats, they reach puberty by the 8th–10th month. But here, as with cats, a lot depends on the breed and genetic “baggage”.

Is it true that estrus in a cat can be noticed immediately?

This is so, especially in the first period of estrus, the so-called proestrus. It lasts approximately 1 to 3 days. At this time, the hormonal background is changing, the body is preparing for fertilization, and the signs of an upcoming estrus may not be so obvious. But the next phase of “estrus” is hard not to notice. It is already difficult for a pet to control itself, the whole organism is imprisoned exclusively for reproduction – therefore, behavior and habits change.

How does the behavior of pets change during sexual hunting?

  • Sudden unjustified aggression . And both to the owner and to other animals. This is common for both sexes. However, cats can also have the opposite effect – they can become overly affectionate.
  • Loss of appetite . It’s all about the excitement. This “symptom” is not so common.
  • Serenades are something that neither cats nor cats can do without sexual hunting. Your pet’s solo concert can most often be heard in the early morning.
  • Escapes / interest in the opposite sex . Domestic cats and cats will seek to escape from the house (if a relative of the opposite sex does not live in the apartment). The owner should be especially careful during this period.
  • Tags . Cats start marking territory more often. If this has not been observed for your pet, then this is unlikely to save you from the not-so-pleasant part of sexual hunting. Urine during this period acquires an unpleasant pungent odor . So you will have to clean up after the fluffy more often and more carefully.

Do cats mark their territory too?

Yes, it is common for cats to leave marks. During estrus, the body of the female produces transparent odorous secretions. The cat tries to “spread” the smell wherever it can: it rubs against furniture, doors, even the owner can get under the distribution. And all this so that the potential “groom” definitely does not pass by.

How can you help your pet get through a tough time?

For the body of animals, the season of sexual hunting is a big stress , so you should not scold the cat for songs in the morning and punish the cat for marks. You can help your pet survive a difficult time with the help of drugs that reduce sexual desire.

There are two options: hormonal and non-hormonal preparations (plant-based). In any case, before use, it is better to consult a veterinarian.

The most effective way, if you are not a breeder , is sterilization / castration . This will help prevent the development of diseases, such as pyometra , reduce the risk of neoplasms and prolong the life of your beloved pet.

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