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Graceful cat with a lot of jumping ability

With its unique character and beauty, the Singaporea is something very special and will surely enchant you too. However, the graceful Singaporea cat is still considered a rarity , because the number of breeders in German-speaking countries is very small. Nevertheless, it is worth deciding on a Singaporea cat, because the cat breed impresses with its appearance, playfulness and intelligence.

History and origin of the Singapura

The Singaporea is an enigmatic breed of cat , because named after the Malaysian name of Singapore, the Singaporea is one of the breeds whose origin is not really clear. Genealogical research is completely omitted with the Singaporea, because the breeds that were involved in the creation of the Singaporea are unclear and also whether Singapore or the USA should be named as the country of origin.

In any case, the breeding of the Singaporea goes to the American emigrants Hal and Tommy Meadowreturn. In 1970, emigrants in Singapore noticed street cats that were particularly dainty and used to hunt in narrow drainpipes, among other things. To this day it is unclear whether the Singaporea breed goes back solely to the street cats or whether the emigrant couple crossed them with other breeds. What is certain, however, is that the couple returned to the USA in 1975 with particularly delicate cats. Speculations about crossing the street cats with cats of the Siamese, Burmese and Abyssinian breeds were neither confirmed nor denied by the breeder couple. However, the special breed found fans very quickly and so it was recognized as a separate breed in the USA as early as 1982, while recognition by the FIFe in Europe did not take place until 2014.

essence and character

If you’re looking for an active cat breed that has loads of energy, yet is very people-oriented, then the Singaporea is the perfect pedigree cat for you. Although the Singaporea is friendly towards strangers, it is rather reserved and therefore needs some time to warm up to you initially, but once this has happened, the cat is a loyal companion. Singaporea cats are so devoted to their people that they often don’t leave their side. With their social nature, they are ideal family cats, which are absolutely child-friendly and have no problem with the animal roommate even in a household with a dog. Nevertheless, the Singaporea also needs companionship from conspecifics and should therefore not be kept as a solitary cat. Even in multi-cat households, the Singaporea remains affectionate and people -oriented and wants to play and cuddle with “their” humans.

The noble and exotic cat breed is one of the rather small breeds, but it brings a lot of energy with it. The intelligent pedigree cats like to be in the center of the action and are always up for a joke. If you observe a Singaporea, you will quickly discover the mischievousness and intelligence in their gaze and demeanor.

Appearance of the Singapura

Characteristic of the Singaporea is its small size. How big are Singaporea cats? You may be asking yourself this question. Singaporea cats weigh between 2.2 kg and 3 kg, Singaporea males weigh between 2.5 and 3 kg on average. Nevertheless, the Singaporea can be compared to small to medium-sized cats in terms of body length. The slender body is still muscular and strong , even if it appears extremely graceful.

The short, silky coat is also typical of the smallest cat breed in the world. According to breed standards, this must be the color seal sepia, which is approximately the color of ivory. The coat paired with the alert eyes in green to hazelnut brown and relatively large your gives the Singaporea its special look. In terms of physique, the torso and legs form almost a square, because the Singaporea has a rather compact physique.

attitude and care

The Singaporea’s exotic beauty might lead you to believe that the breed is high maintenance, but the amount of care and time required to keep it is manageable. So she is one of the uncomplicated and easy-care pedigree cats , which, however, in any case need a lot of company, both from conspecifics and from their owners.

Outdoor cat or indoor cat

With their small body size, Singaporea cats can easily be kept in a small apartment. It would be ideal if you could provide her with a cat-safe balcony or, even better, a garden. Nevertheless, the Singaporea feels comfortable even without this welcome change, if the apartment is designed accordingly and there are enough opportunities to play and climb. Much more important for the Singaporea than the opportunity to stay outdoors is the company of a fellow cat and that their caregivers do not leave them alone for unnecessarily long periods of time, then you can keep them as an indoor cat without any problems.

How much employment does the “Singapura” need?

Whether you’re warming to a Singaporean cat or a Singaporean male, don’t underestimate the breed’s high energy levels and intelligence. A cat buddy is therefore almost a must, so that the Singaporea is never completely alone with her social nature and she can use up her energy even during playful arguments and fast-paced pursuit races. However, the Singaporea is very human oriented and should not be left alone for long periods of time. It is much more important that the caregivers take the time to play and cuddle each day. Hunting and intelligence games in particular are well received by representatives of the Singaporea breed.

grooming and feeding

The Singaporea Kazte’s short coat is extremely easy to care for. With no undercoat, the coat is light and silky and basically she can groom herself easily and doesn’t necessarily need assistance. However, she does enjoy it if you take the time to comb her hair. So you should still take your time regularly and comb the loose hair out of the coat and give the Singaporea additional petting.

In principle, representatives of the Singaporea breed are not divas, which is also noticeable when feeding them. She is unproblematic and usually accepts food without any problems. Of course, you should only provide the little cat with the high energy level with high-quality food so that it gets all the nutrients it needs. If you are flirting with BARF, then you should speak to your trusted veterinarian in advance and get detailed advice, because pure meat feeding does not provide all the necessary nutrients and so you should only choose BARF as a feeding method if you are intensively involved with the dealt with the topic.

Acquisition of a Singapura

If you are considering adopting a Singaporea kitten, you must be aware that this cat can live to be 12 years and older. For this period you should be ready to offer her a loving home and to give her time and attention accordingly. Since the Singaporea breeder is rare, finding a suitable breeder isn’t easy, but it’s worth the search as the highly social Singaporea makes a perfect family cat, which will bring you much joy. Of course, it is important that you are willing to keep them with one or more of their own kind, because only then will the little bundle of energy really feel at home. Incidentally, reputable Singaporea breeders ask for a price of 700 to 1500 euros for healthy and vet checked kittens with papers.

Interesting and worth knowing

Since the number of Singaporea cats is rather small, you should make sure when buying that both parents weigh no less than 2.5 kg. In addition, you should check the pedigree carefully before buying, as inbreeding can greatly reduce the life expectancy of the Singaporea cats. Therefore, no ancestor should be listed twice in the family tree.


Are you also a big Singaporea fan or do you want to get one soon? Tell us in the comments what makes the house tiger so special!

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