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Portrait of the curly long-haired cat

With its plush exterior, the  Selkirk Rex not only looks like a teddy bear, but often acts like one too. All information about the origin, the appearance and the attitude of the cuddly cat breed can be found in the breed portrait.

History and Origin of the Selkirk Rex

The Selkirk Rex is a relatively young cat breed that first appeared in the United States in 1987. A common litter of domestic cats was given up at an animal shelter, one of the kittens had curly fur. Thinking the kitten was special, the shelter staff passed it on to well-known Persian breeder Jeri Newman. She named the blue, cream and white female Miss Depesto of Noface. The curly fur was probably created by a spontaneous mutation. Newman started breeding with the cat and decided to name the breed Selkirk after her father-in-law. She mated Miss Depeseto with a black Persian maleand six healthy boys were born, three with and three without curls. A black and white tomcat named Oskar Kowalski was particularly strong and had strong curls. Today he is regarded as the forefather of the breed.

The rare breed is not yet recognized by the  Féderation Internationale Féline  (FIFé) and is therefore not widespread in Europe. The breed is very popular in the USA and is also known as the sheep cat because of its distinctive coat.

essence and character

The Selkirk Rex is similar in character to the , but is even more people -oriented and cuddly. Occasionally they demand their pats in a low voice. The plush cats literally follow their humans until you notice them and cuddle them. The curious cats are playful and love to fool around. They get along well with other cats and prefer to live with several other cats. The cats have a robust, relaxed nature and are not easily disturbed. Even the vacuum cleaner or, unfortunately, cars don’t scare the cats and they face them with self-confidence.

Appearance of the Selkirk Rex

Since the Selkirk Rex cat is still regularly mated with other cats such as the , the Persian cat and the Exotic Shorthair, there is still no uniform appearance. One characteristic that all Selkirks have in common is the soft curls in their coat. Both the undercoat and the top coat consist of the characteristically curly hair. In some specimens even the whiskers are curled. A typical representative of the breed has a stocky and round build with thick paws. The head is also rounded with small ears and large, round eyes. There are also short-haired onesVariants of the breed that have smaller curls mostly behind the ears, neck and belly. However, the curls of the long-haired variant are usually more pronounced and the curls on the tail are feathery and stand up.

attitude and care

Outdoor cat or indoor cat?

The Selkirk Rex is a frugal cat that is happy both indoors and outdoors. The most important thing for the cat is that it is not alone too often. Indoor cats, in particular, quickly feel lonely and unhappy. A fenced garden would be ideal, where the cat can live out its  urge to move  and play. The four-legged friend prefers to be in the fresh air with his people anyway. In the case of outdoor cats, you have to make sure that no parasites nest in the curly fur, especially in summer.

How Much Employment Does the Selkirk Rex Need?

The Selkirk is an affectionate and outgoing cat that needs a lot of attention. She is always looking for something to do and loves to play. She can spend hours with both other cats and her human. It is therefore particularly suitable for people who have a lot of visitors and are generally very active at home. A large family with many potential playmates  would be ideal for the curly-haired cat. Children especially like to play with the plush, friendly cat.

grooming and feeding

Due to its special nature, the fur does not tend to become matted, so caring for the Selkirk Rex is not particularly difficult. It is usually sufficient if you brush them once a week. Too much grooming can even cause that beautiful curly coat to become smoother over time. In some representatives of the breed, it happens that the skin is very oily. In this case, nothing helps but a bath. Similar to other Rex cats, the Selkirk tends to have an increased production of earwax, which is why you should carefully clean them regularly. In terms of diet, the breed hardly differs from other cats. When feeding, however, you should note that every cat is unique and has individual preferences when choosing food.

Acquisition of a Selkirk Rex

Before purchasing, you should be quite sure that you can take care of the easy-care but very affectionate cat in a species-appropriate manner. Since the cat breed is not widespread in Germany, the breeders of Selkirk Rex cats are currently not organized in any German umbrella organization. So if you want to get a purebred kitten, you have to look for small, private breeders. Beware of cheap offers from the Internet and don’t get involved in pity purchases. A healthy kitten should not cost less than €800. Ideally, also look at the parents and siblings before you buy them.

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