Ragamuffin Wanted

Ragamuffin Wanted

This pretty cat is calm, affectionate and easy-going

As a relatively young cat breed, the Ragamuffin not only impresses with its noble appearance, but also with its character. Friendly and sociable, she will also take your heart by storm, because the noble cat with the plush fur not only inspires at first sight.

History and origin of the Ragamuffin

The story of the Ragamuffin began in California, home of breeder Ann Baker. In the 1980s, the Ragdoll cat began to be bred, and its history is particularly closely linked to that of the Ragamuffin. Basically, the noble cat breed Ragamuffin is a ragdoll with another name. It all started with breeder Ann Baker crossing Siamese and Angora cats, trying to breed the cats larger and with a plusher coat.Ann Baker is still rather controversial today, because she achieved her goal through line breeding and inbreeding. As a result, the breeder also attracted attention with controversial business practices and also had the name Ragdoll patented in order to generate further income through the naming rights. This ultimately led to disputes among breeders and so in 1994 the breeders of the Ragdoll breed split and some breeders introduced the name Ragamuffin in order to continue breeding independently with their Ragdoll cats. The new breed, dubbed the Ragamuffin, was provisionally recognized by the Cat Fanciers’ Association, Inc. in 2003. In 2011, full recognition by the breeding association followed.

essence and character

Even if the history of the breed is mainly characterized by a rift among breeders, the Ragamuffin character and nature will inspire you all the more. Known to be particularly social and people -oriented , the Ragamuffin inspires with its friendly nature. If you choose a cat of the breed, then you choose a family member who fits perfectly into the existing family structure. The intelligent cats are very open-minded and always friendly towards both children and animal roommates. Aggressive behavior seems to be completely foreign to her. Much more, the Ragamuffin is always ready for a game and faithfully accompanies its people through everyday life.In addition, cats of the breed tend to be talkative , both towards their peers and towards people. Since the cats are also very oriented towards humans, it is not uncommon for them to run alongside their owners like a dog, and so there are Ragamuffin owners who do take their cats for walks. It is important for you to know that cats of the Ragamuffin breed do not like to be left alone for long, but prefer to spend the whole day with their people. Cuddles together are particularly popular, because the pedigree cats are extremely cuddly and can’t get enough cuddles.

Appearance of the Ragamuffin

Animals of the breed impress with their stately size. Muscular with a broad chest and shoulders, medium-length legs and plush fur, the Ragamuffin looks like a teddy bear that has come to life. The legs are rounded off by large, round paws and a long, bushy tail. The round snout and the rounded chin ensure a particularly lovable facial expression, which is underlined by the expressive eyes. The semi-long fur and the full whiskers are typical of the noble breed, which is known for its variety of colours. The rectangular and medium-long body and the desired fat pad on the abdomen are pronounced in cats and tomcats, with tomcats being significantly larger and weighing more.

attitude and care

If the human-related cats receive sufficient attention and cuddles , the quiet fellows are considered to be easy to care for and relatively uncomplicated to keep. Of course you should pay attention to a few things when keeping and caring for them, but your new family member will definitely thank you for their affection.

Outdoor cat or indoor cat?

With its calm demeanor, the Ragamuffin is very well suited to being kept in an apartment. Nevertheless, it is ideal if you can provide the representatives of the breed with a secure balcony or garden. You should also provide sufficient climbing, scratching and playing facilities in the apartment. As social and people-related cats, the animals should be able to move around the house as freely as possible, and pedigree cats feel most comfortable when they have at least one conspecific at their side so that they are not alone.

How much activity does the Ragamuffin need?

The Ragnamuffin cat is extremely intelligent. This in combination with her human focus ensures that she likes to learn and learns quickly. You can also teach her commands accordingly. But hunting games and hidden object games are also extremely popular with Ragnamuffins. In addition, there should be extensive stroking and cuddling, because every kind of attention is enjoyed.

grooming and feeding

Semi-long and with little undercoat, the fur of the noble breed cats is extremely easy to care for. Regular combing or brushing is sufficient. Anyone who already pampers Rangamuffin kittens with grooming will of course also deepen the bond and so it is worthwhile to focus on early and regular grooming.

When it comes to feeding, the Ragamuffin is also an uncomplicated boarder. However, you should watch out for allergies, because due to their origin, some animals are prone to allergies, which may require a diet.

Acquisition of a Ragamuffin

If you are now thinking about getting a Ragamuffin, you should contact a reputable breeder. It is important to ensure that the Ragamuffin kittens have a good relationship with the parents and that the breeder is also close to the family. You should also always take a close look at the family tree, because no name should appear twice in the pedigree. In addition, both parents should have tested negative for all typical hereditary diseases. If all this is in place, you should also think about whether you can devote enough time to the potential new family member, because the Ragamuffin doesn’t like to be alone. If there is no cat in your household, it is advisable to do so directlywelcome two new family members. In addition, you should also think about the future, because cats of the breed have a life expectancy of 12 years and more and for this period you should also be ready to offer the new family member a home.

Interesting and worth knowing

The term RagaMuffin was originally meant maliciously. So the name means a child in rags (to be equated with street child). The term was used by breeders who, in the conflict between the breeders, were rather critical of the splitting off of the breeder group within Ragdoll breeding. But the affected Ragdol breeders showed humor and adopted the name as the official name of their breeds.


Are you also a big fan of the Ragamuffin or do you want to get one soon? Tell us in the comments what makes the house tiger so special!

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