Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Description Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Persistent, courageous, outgoing
The Pembroke Welsh Corgi is a British breed of dog that dates back to the 10th century. This breed is a small dog breed and therefore also very good to keep in the apartment. It is also the Queen’s race. But they are not just lap dogs, they need variety and exercise.FCI Group: Herding Dogs – Cattle Dogs

  • Size: Small
  • Weight: 9-12kg
  • Life expectancy: 12-15 years
  • Coat type: short hair
  • Colours: fawn, black and tan, blue, black and white, red

Character Pembroke Welsh Corgi

The Welsh Corgi Pembroke needs a strong hand, otherwise he likes to take the lead himself. They like to fetch and love to swim. The Pembroke Welsh Corgi also feels at home in the mountains and takes on every obstacle there without any problems. Due to their small stature, you should not take them with you on a bike, jogging or horseback riding, as this would overload the animal.
A Pembroke Welsh Corgi weighs up to 12 kg and is a maximum of 30 cm tall.

Its appearance is small and compact – it has an elongated build with short legs. His coat is short and the coat coloration is fox brown with white accents. The breast is usually white in color. But there are also forms in red or mixed black and red as a tricolor. A sandy yellow is rarer.

The breed has some distinctive features. This includes, on the one hand, the change of hair . This lasts several weeks.
The Pembroke Welsh Corgi is also jokingly called ” Wälz Corgi “. That’s because he’s passionate about rolling on wet grass, sand, asphalt, carpets, or dead animals.

The Pembroke Welsh Corgi also sleeps primarily on its back. They also love soft pillows. The supine position is also often used to request pats.
Another quirk of the Welsh Corgi Pembrokes is yodeling . On all sorts of occasions, the Pembroke Welsh Corgi lets out his singsong to get attention.

Other noises such as growling, rumbling or gurgling are also completely normal. The Pembroke Welsh Corgi is a very noisy animal.
The Welsh Corgi Pembroke is extremely voracious . Care must be taken here so that the animal does not gain too much weight. He is also an attentive observer .

He likes to watch himself in the mirror and always keeps an eye on his surroundings.
The Welsh Corgi Pembrokes likes to feel superior to their peers despite their small stature. He is fearless and makes his point. The Welsh Corgi Pembroke harmonizes best with conspecifics of the same breed.
Otherwise, the Corgi is a self-confident animal by nature.

He has quick reactions and a fearless nature. He is very hardy and weatherproof and rarely susceptible to disease . His hunting instinct is barely there.

Diet Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Nutrition always depends on several factors. These include above all the age , the weight and the activity of the dog. Since the dog is a glutton, you have to pay particular attention to the amount of food.
It is important to have a high-quality feed that keeps you full for a long time. The meat content should be very high.

If the dog gains weight, you should use a low-fat food variant.
As a reward, you should use less treats and more stroking or little games. Dry food croquettes are an alternative as they are particularly low in calories.
Feeding at the table is prohibited. Otherwise the corgi will become a permanent beggar!
If the Pembroke Welsh Corgi is still a puppy , then you should use special puppy food.

The energy requirement of the young dog is generally higher than that of an adult animal. Here you should spread the meals into 4-5 small portions throughout the day.
After that, it is best to reduce feeding to two meals a day. A recommendation would be one meal in the morning and one in the evening. In old age, the dog’s energy requirements decrease again and the meals should be smaller.

You can feed the Pembroke Welsh Corgi both wet and dry food. It should always be noted that wet food is tastier and contains more nutrients. It also has a higher moisture content.
Dry food has a longer shelf life and you can portion it better or use it as a treat. In addition, it is cheaper.

Overall, a mixture of both feed alternatives is recommended. This brings more variety to the meals.


Because the Pembroke Welsh Corgi has a short coat, it is comparatively easy to groom . However, you should still brush the dog weekly to remove dirt and dead hairs from the coat. Brushing is an additional massage for the dog and stimulates blood circulation.
If the dog is in the phase of changing its coat, daily brushing is the order of the day. During this time he loses a lot of hair, which can otherwise be spread or matted everywhere.

You should also wipe your eyes regularly with a damp, soft cloth. This will remove dried tear fluid. The same applies to cleaning the paws , as small stones can get stuck here and cause inflammation.
You should regularly lubricate the balls of your feet with a fatty cream. The stressed skin remains supple and does not tear.

The claws must also be trimmed if necessary.
A dog toothbrush and appropriate dog toothpaste are recommended for dental care of the Pembroke Welsh Corgi. This prevents the formation of tooth decay or tartar. You should also give your dog chewing bones as well. These also have a cleaning effect.

If the animal is particularly dirty, you can also bathe it. Just try not to do this too often and always use a special dog shampoo for this .


The Corgi is originally from the region of Wales . Its name comes from Welsh and means “small or low dog”. Pembroke is a county in south-west Wales.
The Welsh Corgi Pembroke belongs genetically to the group of small dogs – just like the Sheltie. This is also where the fur markings come from.

In the past, the Pembroke Welsh Corgi was primarily kept as a farm dog. They were responsible for collecting livestock such as cattle and horses. On the farm itself they were kept as a weapon against rodents and smaller predators. They were also used to register visitors .
In 1933, the first Corgi moved into the royal family.

From then on, he was rarely kept as a farm dog. In the 1950s, he gained the reputation of being a ” pickaxe ” because he was small and agile and liked to pinch the heels of large animals and then dive.
In 1934 the Kennel Club recognized the Pembroke as a Welsh Corgi as a separate breed. The dogs changed their outward appearance, becoming smaller and more compact. They developed over time from a working dog to a family dog.

Corgis were bred by Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II from 1933 to 2009. From 2015, the Pembroke Welsh Corgi is being monitored by the Kennel Club because there were only a few pups left.
In America, on the other hand, the breed is one of the most popular dog breeds and is ranked 20th.

Pembroke Welsh Corgi Accessories

A dog owner’s equipment includes numerous products. First of all, you need a dog collar and leash . There are different variants here. A dog harness for small dogs is also conceivable . A flea collar can also be put on the dog to protect it from annoying fleas.

The Pembroke Welsh Corgi also needs its own feeding bowl and drinking bowl . Both should preferably be non-slip.
So that the dog has its own place to sleep and retreat , you should put a basket in front of it. You can cover this with a blanket.
If you take the dog with you in the car, you must also ensure its safety there.

This includes a dog guard so that the dog cannot jump out of the trunk. He should also be buckled up or in a transport box.
You should get a variety of brushes and combs to groom your Pembroke Welsh Corgi . You should also buy a dog toothbrush and appropriate dog toothpaste. Other helpful utensils are tick tweezers , a flea comb and flea powder .

A fatty ointment for the pads is also recommended.
You can consider getting your dog a dog coat for the colder seasons . You can equip this with reflectors so that the little dog is easier to see in the dark.
To keep your Pembroke Welsh Corgi occupied, you’ll need a variety of toys . Here you can buy balls, a rope or things like a frisbee that the dog can fetch.

Have treats ready as a reward.

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