Description Leonberger

Calm, Patient, Kind
With its friendly nature, the Leonberger is very well suited as a family dog. He gets along well with lively hustle and bustle, as he has strong nerves and a good-natured character. To protect his master, the strong and clever dog barks loudly at unwanted guests. The gentle muscle man needs a lot of exercise.FCI Group: Pinscher – Schnauzer – Molosser – Swiss Mountain Dogs

  • Size: Large
  • Weight: 41-75kg
  • Life expectancy: 8-9 years
  • Coat type: long hair
  • Colors: Mahogany, Sandy, Red, Yellow

Character Leonberger

The FCI, the largest international cynological umbrella organization, divides the Leonberger dog into Group 2 Pinscher and Schnauzer, Molosser and Swiss Mountain Dogs . In addition, he is subordinate to subgroup 2.2 as mountain dogs . As a cross between the St. Bernard, Newfoundland and Pyrenean dog, the Leonberger is one of the very large dog breeds. The Leonberger inherited the genetic material for a strong stature from its ancestors.

Adult females can reach a height of 75 cm and a weight of 60 kg. The males are even 80 cm high and weigh up to 70 kg. Leonbergers are very muscular dogs. They have a broad back and strong legs. This allows the animal to move evenly and powerfully.

The dog has a strong urge to move and actively demands movement.
The Leonberger has thick, soft and long fur. The coat color is often a mixture of sandy and reddish brown tones. The dog’s fur on the neck and chest area is reminiscent of a lion’s mane. The tail, which is usually carried on the back, is also densely hairy.

The Leonberger’s face is always dark, almost black. His eyes are brown and he has medium sized hanging ears.
The Leonberger has a relaxed and calm nature, but he is well suited as a house and guard dog. Its loud barking and self-confident demeanor deter uninvited guests. Leonbergers were once used to protect herds of cattle from predators.

The dogs therefore know who to watch out for and courageously take over the defense.
If things get chaotic and lively in the family, the Leonberger doesn’t lose his calm. The family dog ​​can deal with noise and reacts calmly due to its good nerves. He can integrate well into different family situations.
Leonbergers like to romp and play and need a lot of exercise every day.

Long walks in nature are a must. Dogs of this breed also love water and are good swimmers. The Leonbergers can adapt well. However, the large and active dogs should not be kept in a city apartment. The dogs feel at home in a rural environment with plenty of space and freedom of movement.

You will achieve the most with a Leonberger with a calm and consistent upbringing. These dogs have a lot of temperament, play instinct and strength. However, they are willing to submit to humans. With loving training, you will be rewarded with a loyal companion who follows the rules and accompanies you everywhere.

Diet Leonberger

The Leonberger has a muscular build and other breed-specific characteristics. For this reason, this breed is one of the most demanding dog breeds in terms of nutrition. The age of your dog also plays an important role. You should adapt your diet to the respective phase of life. This way you can be sure that your dog is getting all the nutrients it needs.

Sometimes the animals also have an intolerance to certain ingredients in dog food. Or they have to be given special food because of an illness. You can have this tested and clarified with the vet in individual cases. In general, there are the following recommendations for the diet of Leonbergers:
Young Leonbergers must not be given feed that is too high in energy, otherwise they will grow too quickly. This could later lead to health problems in the musculoskeletal system.

Puppies also have a high mineral requirement. For this reason, the feed should contain a lot of calcium, for example. An adult male who is very physically active, on the other hand, needs food that is high in protein and energy.
Large dogs are considered seniors from the age of 6 years. At this stage of life, light and digestible food is ideal.

Because at this age, the digestive processes and organ functions are limited. Senior dogs often have problems with their bones and joints. Being overweight increases the dog’s pain and should therefore be avoided, especially in old age.
The right amount of food is also very important. The dog should 1.

generally not eat too much and 2. definitely not too much at once. Two to three smaller meals a day are better than one large one.
If the Leonberger frolics too wildly immediately after a large and rich meal, its stomach can twist. A torsion in the stomach cuts off the blood supply and is very dangerous for the dog.

He should eat quietly and be left alone after the meal.
Like any other dog, the Leonberger is happy about small rewards in the form of treats. They can be beneficial for the upbringing of the animal. Give them to your dog every once in a while, but in moderation.


Purchasing and keeping the imposing animals requires the necessary change and a lot of time . Enough exercise is an absolute must. The Leonberger is very people-oriented and affectionate. Living with active people will make him happy. Plus, he’ll love being an integral part of family ventures.

A special feature of the Leonberger is their long, thick fur. This beautiful feature of the breed is very difficult to maintain. Before you buy, you should know that this breed of dog sheds a lot. The long coat needs regular brushing to brush out loose hair. During the change of coat, grooming is particularly intensive.

You should brush your dog daily during this time. If the dog learns to sit still as a puppy, you will both find this process easier for both of you .


The lion-like dog comes from the southern German city of Leonberg, whose coat of arms features a lion. In the 19th century, councilman Heinrich Essig crossed a female Newfoundland dog with a male Saint Bernard
. His goal was a dog breed that was as similar as possible to the Leonberg heraldic animal. In addition, a Pyrenean mountain dog was crossed. So in 1846 the first Leonberger was born.

Leonberger Accessories

You need a suitable fur brush for intensive grooming of your Leonberger
. This breed of dog has dense and long fur with an undercoat. You should use a sturdy long-haired dog brush. Teach your dog to remain as still as possible while brushing. Make sure grooming doesn’t pull too hard on him.

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