Description Kuvasz

Confident, Intelligent, Sensitive
The Kuvasz comes from Hungary and belongs to the group of herding dogs and cattle dogs. The white, large animals are imposing figures. They are reliable and very alert, at the same time they are considered individualists. The robust giant loves to be outdoors and exercise.FCI Group: Herding Dogs – Cattle Dogs

  • Size: Large
  • Weight: 37-62 kg
  • Life expectancy: 11-13 years
  • Coat type: long hair
  • Colours: white, ivory

Character Kuvasz

The Kuvasz is also known as the Hungarian Shepherd Dog. The animals are very large, with males reaching a height of up to 76 centimeters at the withers. The bitches reach a height of 70 centimeters. The Kuvasz weighs between 37 and 62 kilograms. He can reach an age of up to 13 years.

The coat is lush with a dense undercoat. The wavy coat is white and the skin is slate gray and heavily pigmented. Ivory fur also occurs. Head, ears and paws have short, dense and straight hair.
A ruff of longer hair forms around the neck.

This extends into a clear chest mane, especially in males.
Characteristic of the Kuvasz is the wedge-shaped head with a broad skull. The forehead is slightly prominent with a central furrow. Her slightly slanting, almond-shaped eyes are dark brown. Such dogs have a strong, regular and well-developed teeth.

Their ears are V-shaped and have a rounded tip. They sit medium high on the skull and lie close to the head.
The body shape is also typical of the Kuvasz. The body forms a lying rectangle. This deviates only slightly from a square in its dimensions.

Overall, the body is athletic with well-developed muscles. The set of the tail is low. It continues the slightly sloping croup in one line. In length it reaches to the hock.
The Kuvasz is a typical livestock guardian dog.

He is confident, fearless and has a strong character. He also shows clear territorial behavior. He uncompromisingly defends people and objects in his care. He also puts his life at risk for them. The animals are intelligent and independent.

If improperly trained, the breed can be aggressive. The dogs only get along with other dogs to a limited extent. Despite its size, the Kuvasz is very sensitive and always needs a place to retreat. He is not a typical family dog. Nevertheless, he binds himself closely to humans.

The breed loves to be outdoors and requires a lot of exercise.

Diet Kuvasz

When it comes to nutrition, the Kuvasz is very undemanding. He is also not prone to allergies or intolerances. High-quality feed with a high meat content is best. It should also contain little grain. Grain-free food suits the nature of the dog, which is a carnivore.

So lots of meat is best for your Kuvasz’s health.
Large dogs eat more than small ones. This also applies to the Kuvasz. You should adapt the amount of food to the activity and age of your dog.
A high proportion of proteins from muscle meat is also important.

These support the particularly stressed musculoskeletal system of large animals.
Wet and dry food are equally suitable for feeding the Kuvasz. A diet with raw meat (so-called barfing) is also an option for the animals.
Puppies of this large breed do not need food that is particularly rich in nutrients. This makes them grow very quickly.

The result can be problems of the skeletal system. Dental care snacks are suitable for dental care of the Kuvasz.
Chewing items are also snacks and activities for the Kuvasz. Cured beef is a good choice here. With a healthy diet and proper care, the Kuvasz can live up to 13 years.


The Kuvasz is an undemanding dog when it comes to keeping it. He also has no special requirements when it comes to food.
Even so, a Kuvasz is not a dog for beginners. He needs a very consistent upbringing right from the start. You really have to commit to a Kuvasz.

He needs a lot of care and attention. Attending a dog school is also a must. His sense of hierarchy is very strong. You always have to show him who’s the master of the house.
Exercise is also absolutely necessary for the Kuvasz.

Extensive, regular walks should be a matter of course.
The animals can be outside all year round. You need space and a city apartment is absolutely not suitable. A large lot is best. The Kovasz guards this very reliably even without being asked.

On the other hand, keeping them in a kennel or even on a chain is unsuitable. The dogs must be able to move on their territory.
The Kuvasz always keeps his own head. As an individualist, he is not fit for absolute obedience. Even games on command are not his thing.

Nevertheless, the sensitive animals always need connection to their people. They are loyal and reliable partners.
At the same time, a retreat for the dogs is important. This is especially true when there are children in the family. In general, good socialization is very important for a Kuvasz from puppyhood.

The first year and a half are particularly important here.
The fur of the animals needs care from time to time. Regular brushing is sufficient.


The Kuvasz was widespread throughout Eastern Europe. There he served as a classic herd guard dog to protect the flocks of sheep.
The breed is closely related to the Komondor. This is also an Eastern European livestock breeder with very old roots.
Both breeds have only been defined since 1905.

Official recognition followed in 1954. There are records of the appearance of Kuvasz in Hungary from the 13th century. In later centuries, the breed was also used to hunt wolves and bears. According to modern research, there is a close relationship with the Tibetan mastiff. The affiliation to the Molossians has also been confirmed.

These are bulky and muscular dog types.
The Kuvasz is a robust working dog and has a very strong personality. In the past, it was discovered early on as a representative companion dog for the wealthy urban population. He was also often used as a guard dog.
Today the role of the companion dog is predominant.

Due to its past, the breed is better prepared for this than many other livestock guardian dogs.
In Germany, the Kuvasz is still a rare dog. Significantly more animals can be found in Eastern Europe.

Kuvasz Accessories

The Kuvasz is easy to keep and care for. The robust animals do not need many accessories. The collar must fit well and match the size of the dog. It must not constrict the sensitive neck region. Collars made of plastic or leather are common.

Linen is also made from these materials. A short leash between two and three meters in length is sufficient for everyday use. On longer walks, the leash can also be a little longer. Very long towing lines are suitable for dog training.
Bowls for food and water must be the right size for the Kuvasz.

A bowl stand or non-slip undersides are also practical. That way the bowls don’t move back and forth. The preferred material is stainless steel. It is easy to clean and very durable. Other materials for bowls are plastic or ceramic.

A blanket, a basket of appropriate size or a dog bed are suitable for the dog’s retreat. Synthetic fibers are the material of choice here because they are light and easy to clean.
Toys for the Kuvasz should not be too small. The animal must be able to take it well in the snout. From the ball to the rope, there are suitable variants.

When it comes to wood, hardness is important. Otherwise, the animals could injure themselves through splinters from wood that is too soft.
A grooming brush is a must with this breed of dog. It shouldn’t be too delicate. Fur brush gloves are also useful.

The Kuvasz needs a correspondingly large box for transport. These are available in metal and plastic. Metal boxes are relatively heavy. Therefore, a fixed installation in the trunk makes sense. But there are also models with wheels.

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