Galgo Espanol

Description Galgo Espanol

Calm, Affectionate, Intelligent
Trainable for a sighthound, the Galgo Español is quite a shy breed at first. However, once you gain his trust, he forms a tight, fixed bond. He blends in with existing packs with ease and is calm in demeanor around the house. It behaves completely differently outside, where it shows individually differently developed hunting instincts.FCI Group: Sighthounds

  • Size: Large
  • Weight: 20-29kg
  • Life Expectancy: 12-15 years
  • Coat type: short hair
  • Colours: Black, brown, cream, white, golden yellow, brindle

Character Galgo Espanol

The Galgo Español is not only connected to the other greyhounds by its nature. His appearance is also typical of the breed. Its elongated body and deep chest are clear breed-specific characters. It has a less pronounced stop and a long, low set tail that often curves at the end. Its neck is oval in cross section and its ears are large, folded rose ears.

Galgos come in all colors and two different coat types. The smooth-haired galgo has a very short coat with no undercoat. The rough-haired, on the other hand, has shaggy and hard hair up to 10 cm long.
This breed is excellent for keeping in a pack. Individual housing is of course also possible.

But you should consider that the galgo wants to form a very close bond with its owner in order to be able to orientate itself on him. With a second dog, he finds the support he needs there and is not quite as dependent on humans.
The intelligent and curious galgo is quite easy to care for, also when it comes to training. A parenting method without pressure and too much rigidity, instead with positive reinforcement, leads to success with him.

Diet Galgo Espanol

The food for your Galgo Español should above all be of high quality and contain all the important nutrients. Whether you choose dry or wet food is entirely up to you. Of course, fresh water should always be available.
To avoid weight problems, it is best to feed treats in moderation. You can also set aside a small amount of food from the daily ration.

You then feed them as a healthy snack throughout the day. The occasional administration of chewing bones helps against dental problems caused by tartar.


Because the galgo has no undercoat to comb out, its coat requires little grooming. If he enjoys it, of course there is nothing wrong with brushing him anyway.
Since galgos, like all sighthounds, are prone to tartar, they need a little more attention from their owner in this area. Brushing your teeth, preferably with a special toothpaste from the vet, can prevent the formation. Hardened deposits can be carefully removed with a fingernail.

If this does not succeed, a visit to the vet should be planned.
An occasional look into the dog’s eyes and ears also helps to identify possible diseases (e.g. inflammation or foreign bodies) at an early stage.


The history of the galgo goes back to the 6th century BC. to the Celts. After the arrival of the Romans, the galgo was given the name Canis Gallicus, meaning “Gallic dog”. This later developed into the general word “Galgo” for greyhound.
The Arabian Sloughi and the Podenco Ibicenco are considered to be close relatives of the breed.

In addition, the galgo is a
Ancestor of the Greyhound, with which it was also crossbred specifically for racing in the last century. Originally bred for hunting, the Galgo is still used today to hunt hares and wild boar. It is characterized by its sustained speed of 60-65 km/h and its enormous maneuverability.

Galgo Espanol Accessories

As a hunting dog, the galgo is an animal that needs a lot of exercise. A securely fenced garden in which he can move freely would be ideal for him. Retrieving can also be practiced there with balls or other toys. A well-fitting harness and leash are essential for walks. The sporty dog ​​is also happy to be your partner when jogging or cycling.

In the cold months, he should wear a winter coat to prevent colds.

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