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The exotic family cat

The Foreign White is a cat breed from Great Britain. The result of a systematic breeding between a Siamese and a domestic cat is not universally recognized. The camps of breeding experts are divided. In these cases, she is assigned to either the Siamese or the Oriental Shorthair breed. In particular, the FiFé (Fédération Internationale Féline) has decided on the designation White Siamese cat.

History and Origin of the Foreign White

The Foreign White is a young cat breed from the last century. This breed developed in the 1950s and 1960s. She has no natural roots. An English researcher deliberately crossed a Siamese cat with a white domestic cat. Through further selection, the current appearance stabilized. Already in 1966 this new type of cat was presented at an exhibition. It took another 11 years until official bodies partially recognized this breed. It was not until 1977 that the GCCF (Governing Council of the Cat Fancy) confirmed the Foreign White as an independent breed. To date, some associations refuse to recognize it. At these institutions, she is viewed as a variation on existing cat breeds. To this day, these associations are of the opinion that it is either a white Siamese cat or a white Oriental Shorthair.

essence and character

The Foreign White is an active and lively cat. Above all, she shares her moods “out loud”. This talkative trait is inherited from part of their ancestors or relatives. She is particularly social and urgently needs a lot of contact. Ideally, the combination with other pets. The type is irrelevant. The main thing is that she can cuddle and play and the characters fit together. The most important thing in her cat’s life is her human. She is extremely affectionate. This intelligent breed of cat is adept at getting its way. The stubborn character is helpful for their project. If the foreign white has something in mind, you have little chance of dissuading her. In no case should you keep them individually.

Appearance of the Foreign White

The Foreign White is an elegant cat. Her slender body is supported by long legs. Small, oval paws complete the picture. Large ears dominate the wedge-shaped head. These are facing forward and are far apart. The eyes are bright blue and almond shaped. The end is a long tail. The short coat is white and has no markings. The coat has no undercoat. A close-fitting coat underlines the muscular body. The medium-sized cat with the delicate build weighs between 2.5 and 5 kg. That depends on gender. She can reach an age between 14 and 17 years.

attitude and care

Keeping and caring for a Foreign White is not complicated. Provided you accept her personality and she is a full member of the family. The Foreign White is a healthy breed. She usually only needs visits to the vet for necessary vaccinations.

Outdoor cat or indoor cat?

The Foreign White cat is the ideal indoor cat. Especially if you design “their kingdom” according to their ideas. Closed doors are a nuisance. In the winter months she likes to sit on heaters or spend the nights in your bed. Some specimens are also suitable as outdoor cats. She must be able to end the short trips quickly (cat flap). An alternative would be a secured garden, terrace or balcony. Due to their thin coat (without undercoat), this “urge for freedom” is reduced to the summer months.

How Much Employment Does the Foreign White Need?

The Foreign White is an active cat. She likes to play with her family. Children in the household are not a problem and are accepted as playmates. Don’t underestimate their intelligence and stubbornness. She needs time together with you every day. It’s not just about pats. You should actively spend your free time with the Foreign White. Use sophisticated cat toys for your joint play. You can pique their interest by playing fetch games .

grooming and feeding

The fur care of the Foreign White Cat is not complex. It is sufficient if you regularly stroke the fur with a soft brush. As a rule, this cat breed enjoys the procedure. It is an alternative to the beloved pats.

When feeding, you should pay attention to high-quality cat food. Some specimens are finicky and insist on certain flavors. In addition, the food should be fresh. The contents of cans that have already been opened from the day before are often refused. You can do better with smaller portions. Prefer more often and smaller amounts of wet food. A foreign white sometimes leaves a cat bowl with dried food and protests loudly. If you use high-quality dry food, you need to make sure that your cat drinks regularly. Use the play instinct and use water fountains.

Acquisition of a Foreign White

Before getting a Foreign White, you should realize that this breed of cat wants your full attention. She also asks for this. Your cat experiences with normal house tigers are of little help to you. The claim of a Siamese Foreign White is higher. Some Siamese cat devotees compare the character to that of a dog without its obedience. This petite person is a close relative of the Siamese breed. can you do her justice

Interesting and worth knowing

White cats are commonly afflicted with deafness. Mrs. Turner successfully eliminated this problem with her breeding program. Above all, the targeted use of Siamese cats corrected this error.

English breeders achieved the best results. Level 1 includes sapphire blue eyes with homozygosity for Siamese (seal-point) and for White. German breeders reached stage 3. Their breeding program consists of homozygous White with homozygous Siamese.

Breeders in the USA are relegated to Category 4 after Mrs. Turner’s classification. This means that Siamese is not proven to be homozygous. These special cases can have orange, green or two different colored eyes. This American breeding system has some supporters within Germany.


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