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The Exotic Shorthair is a particularly magical creature. Rather comfortable and with little urge to move, representatives of the breed are very people-oriented. The intelligent and graceful exotics love attention and are usually very devoted to their food. With their short-haired fur and expressive eyes, Exotic Shorthair cats are eye-catchers and will quickly win your affection with their gentle nature.

History and Origin of the Exotic Shorthair

The Exotic Shorthair was recognized as a separate breed in the USA in 1967 and by the Fédération Internationale Féline (FiFe) as early as 1949. The Exotic Shorthair breed only came about in the 1950s through the crossing of and such as the British Shorthair cat. The new breed quickly became very popular because the new breed combined both the positive character traits of a Persian cat and the easy-care coat of short-haired cats. The Exotic Shorthair quickly became a popular family cat, because the Exotic Shorhair fits perfectly into the family thanks to its gentle nature, its plush fur and its strong connection to humans.

essence and character

The Exotic Shorthair cat is unique in its kind. With her proud personality, she is nevertheless extremely people-oriented. The Exotic Shorthair cat is rarely averse to a cozy nap and, if possible, will look for a cozy place with his favorite person. So if you decide to get an Exotic Shorthair, you have to expect that she will insist on sharing the sofa with you. With a lot of charm and a lovable nature, she is one of those quiet and lazy cats who approach life in a relaxed manner and whose urge to move is very lowfails. This balanced and relaxed nature also has a calming effect on people and hardly anyone can escape this charisma. Nonetheless, representatives of the breed do know what they want and manage to get their way in an amiable manner.

Appearance of the Exotic Shorthair

While looks aren’t everything, that’s one of the main reasons the lovable Exotic Shorthair cat breed is so popular. The Exotic Shorthair breed today produces cats in all the colors known for Persians. If you want to buy an Exotic Shorthair, you will find kittens in the colors white, black, blue, red, cream, lilac, chocolate. Depending on the breed, kittens can be found in chinchilla, color point or tabby patterns, tabby, brindle and spotted.

Typical of the Exotic Shorthair cat is their thick fur with a thick undercoat. This gives the pedigree cat its typical plush teddy bear look , which will surely make you melt away and which kittens already have. A stocky figure and thick legs are also typical of the medium-sized to large cat breed. Large, round paws round off the unusual look of these peaceful cats. While cats of the breed weigh four to seven kilos, tomcats can reach a significantly higher weight. The cats with the round eyes are also characterized by a strong head, which is typical for Persian cats. The broad, short snub nose and the rather flat face are also unmistakable .

attitude and care

Exotic Shorthair cats are considered to be easy to care for and are also often referred to as Persian cats for lazy people. The cat loves being with people and is ideal for both single people and families. Even with dogs, the Exotic Shorthair gets along without any problems after a period of getting used to them. With their sociable nature, they adapt to your life situation and approach both children and visitors without shyness and quickly win new fans with their sociable nature.

Outdoor cat or indoor cat?

Exotic shorthair cats are basically ideal indoor catswho simply enjoy life with their people and are quite frugal. But like all cats, Exotic Shorthair cats are happy if you can give them free rein, because despite their calm nature and little urge to move, the animals enjoy a foray into nature. Unlike other breeds, the radius in which the Exotic Shorthair cats usually move when they are free is small and so they never go far from home on their forays, because the comfortable sofa, the well-stocked food bowl and of course theirs are waiting there reference persons. Thanks to their calm and good-natured nature, the pedigree cats are not upset even by a turbulent family life with bright children, and they can also easily enjoy life in a quiet single apartment.not to be alone for too long , because she enjoys socializing and so it makes sense to provide a playmate so that the Exotic Shorthair doesn’t have to be alone if you should be away for a longer time. Whether it’s a companion cat or a dog, the Exotic Shorthair just loves to have company.

How Much Activity Does the Exotic Shorthair Need?

Thanks to their hardly pronounced urge to move, the Exotic Shorthair cat is also very frugal when it comes to activities. However, the intelligent pedigree cats like to be challenged in an intelligent way. In addition, as the owner of an Exotic Shorthair, you would do well to motivate them to exercise, as the cats can tend to be overweight. Thanks to their intelligence and patience, clicker training is a good way to keep the Exotic Shorthair busy. Climbing opportunities and toys should not be missing either, because even if the Exotic Shorthair likes to celebrate its laziness, it gratefully accepts offers of play and climbing opportunities. Especially with food, the gentle cats can be motivated to be more active.

grooming and feeding

In terms of grooming and feeding, representatives of the Exotic Shorthair breed are absolutely easy to care for. Exotic Shorthairs enjoy regular brushing, so you should take a few minutes once a week. The fur changes twice a year. During this time, you should brush twice a week to make it easier for the Exotic Shorthair to change its coat.

When it comes to nutrition, the Exotic Shorthair is absolutely undemanding, because all that matters to them is that there is always enough food. Nevertheless, you should only provide high-quality cat food, if only to keep Exotic Shorthair cats healthy. It is also advisable to keep an eye on the weight and to follow the feeding recommendations, because representatives of the breed tend to be overweight.

Acquisition of an Exotic Shorthair

If you are thinking about purchasing an Exotic Shorthair, you should make sure that you only get it from a reputable Exotic Shorthair breeder. You should never buy an Exotic Shorthair without the necessary papers. Before you start looking for a breeder, you should be aware that an Exotic Shorthair has a life expectancy of 15 years and more. However, the prerequisite for this is that the breeder really breeds responsibly in order to avoid hereditary diseases and problems caused by overbreeding. Breeders who breed responsibly and also socialize the animals in the family network ask for prices of around 1,000 euros for exotic shorthairsfor an exotic shorthair kitten. If you can also imagine giving an older Exotic Shorthair a home, it is worth asking the breeder, because every now and then breeders also give away older animals that are taken out of breeding or are not suitable for breeding. Also, asking your local animal shelter may be successful if you decide to give an adult Exotic Shorthair a new home.

Interesting and worth knowing

After we have already summarized a few things about the Exotic Shorthair, we would like to present you with a few more facts:

• In the USA, the Exotic Shorthair is jokingly referred to as the lazy man’s Persian. • The most well-known Exotic Shorthair cat is the red tabby tomcat Garfield.

In 2016, the German veterinary associations called for a healthier nose shape when breeding Exotic Shorthair and other short-nosed breeds. The ever shorter nose and the associated deformation of the entire skull can become real torture for the animals. The result is severe respiratory and eye problems. Therefore, the trend is towards more and more naturally shaped noses, also with the Exotic Shorthair, in order to avoid torture breeding.

Are you also a big fan of the Exotic Shorthair or do you want to get one soon? Tell us in the comments what makes the house tiger so special!

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