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Description Epagneul Picard

Balanced, Reliable, Dedicated
The Epagneul Picard is a traditional dog breed from the French region of Picardy. This hunting dog with a fine nose has a calm, even-tempered nature. A real job makes him happy, like hunting or as a therapy or school companion dog. He is not suitable as a pure family dog.FCI Group: Pointers

  • Size: Large
  • Weight: 20-25kg
  • Life expectancy: 13-14 years
  • Coat type: long hair
  • Colours: brown, grey

Character Epagneul Picard

The Epagneul Picard is a dog breed from France, recognized by the FCI under number 108 and classified in group 7 (pointers).
He is a stocky, strong-legged dog who wears his head proudly. His coat, straight or slightly wavy, is spotted gray with brown patches on some parts of the body and at the base of the tail. There are also tan markings on the paws and head. The ears are slightly above the level of the eyes and are quite thick, covered with fine and wavy hair.

The tail is not docked, a nice “flag” is appreciated.
The Epagneul Picard is obedient, reliable and friendly by nature. Nevertheless, he is not suitable as a pure family dog ​​because he needs additional challenges. He has all the characteristics of a hunting dog and has a fine nose. That is why he is often used in hunting after the shot and then does excellent sweat work, i.e.

successfully follows the blood stains of animals hit. Both on land and in water, the dog cuts a fine figure when hunting.
If an Epagneul is not used regularly for hunting, you as the owner should find another suitable job to keep the dog busy.

Diet Epagneul Picard

It is important for the diet of the Epagneul Picard that a high proportion of meat ends up in the bowl – but it does not have to be game despite the dog’s enthusiasm for hunting! Meat should be the top priority on the list of ingredients in dog food. On the other hand, feed containing grain is not good for the Epagneul.
Please do not change the types of food in quick succession, this can overwhelm the Epagneul Picard’s stomach and lead to vomiting and diarrhea. When making such a switch, mix the old and new types of food and gradually transition from one type of food to the other.
Like all dogs, Epagneuls love treats, but you should pay attention to quality here: no sugar or grain is the motto.

Instead, dried pieces of meat should be on the snack plan, possibly supplemented with dental care snacks.
Given the Epagneul Picard’s need for exercise, it’s important that it always gets enough fresh water. It is best to carry a portable drinking bowl and a supply of water on his hunting trips.


You should brush and comb the Epagneul Picard’s coat once a day to avoid matting. The dog can be showered and should be used to it from an early age.
It is important to inspect the ears regularly, because inflammation can develop here unnoticed. It is best to clean your ears regularly with a special product available from specialist retailers. Claw care is also indicated, preferably with a special claw clipper for dogs.

The Epagneul does not tolerate heat very well, so at high temperatures you have to make sure you have an adequate supply of water. It requires a lot of exercise and should ideally be used for hunting.


Long-haired French pointers were mentioned as early as the Middle Ages. They are the ancestors of spaniels, setters and the modern long-haired pointers of Germany and France. Like its gray brother, the Epagneul Bleu Picard, the Epagneul Picard was popular with the French royal family from the 16th century.
Dogs of this breed are descendants of Picardy, a diverse northern French landscape that includes forests, fields, bodies of water and marshes. Hunting in these terrains requires a hardy hound that can tirelessly scour the fields and find waterfowl in the region’s waters.

Picardy includes the estuary of the Somme in the North Sea, a popular area for duck hunting. The region is still the center of Epagneul Picard breeding today.
After a decline at the end of the 18th century, selective breeding enabled the Epagneul Picard to multiply again at the end of the 19th century. From about the mid-20th century it became increasingly popular outside of France. In Germany, the breed has now gained great popularity and growing popularity because of its great hunting abilities, calmness and reliability.

Epagneul Picard Accessories

The Epagneul Picard likes to fetch, so balls and dumbbells of all kinds make great toys for him. Treats motivate the dog and can help as a reward in training. A fur brush and a fur comb are recommended for grooming, as well as scissors to be able to remove knots of fur the “hard way” if necessary. Occasionally dog ​​shampoo can be used.
Other helpful utensils for grooming are claw scissors and ear cleaners.

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