English Toy Terriers

Description English Toy Terriers

Focused, Companionate, Clever
The English Toy Terrier is a very small and delicate dog. Nevertheless, it is a “real” terrier with a strong character. Your English Toy Terrier is a bright companion who is alert and alert. If you are looking for a small dog that likes to be active, you should consider this breed.FCI Group: Terriers

  • Size: Small
  • Weight: 2.7-3.6kg
  • Life expectancy: 12-13 years
  • Coat type: short hair
  • Colours: black, tan

Character English Toy Terriers

The English Toy Terrier weighs around 3.6 kg. Its height is about 30 cm. With this size, the English Toy Terrier is one of the smallest representatives of the terrier group. He therefore falls into section 4 “miniature terrier”.
The little terrier has a very alert nature.

The dogs are very devoted to their people and bond closely with their families. The intelligent dogs are eager to learn and have a hunting instinct typical of terriers, but which is easy to control. If you want an English Toy Terrier, you should socialize them well and get used to other dogs. Otherwise, his waking instinct can cause him to bark at people and dogs.
The terrier breed needs activity and exercise, but can also be kept well in the apartment.

With a good education, he is suitable for families with children and for seniors who like to go for walks. Due to the small body size, the dog is only suitable for dog sports with restrictions, but should be occupied with regular games.
The dog breed is characterized by a slender body. All four legs are straight and very delicate. At the same time, the representatives of this breed are sporty and muscular, which is why they can easily accompany you on longer walks.

At first glance, the small dog has large and erect ears. The dog’s muzzle is long, reminiscent of larger terriers. The English Toy Terrier’s eyes are alert and alert. All English Toy Terriers have a “black and tan” coat pattern, which means black and tan. Most of the fur is black, but there are tan markings on some parts of the body.

The dog always has tan legs and markings on the face and chest. The coat of an English Toy Terrier is short and lies flat.

Diet English Toy Terriers

The English Toy Terrier is a very hardy breed that gets along well with most foods. Due to the small body size, it is important to provide the English Toy Terrier with sufficient energy. For example, you can choose a type of forage that was specially developed for small roads. Small dogs have a higher energy expenditure than large dogs. Another feeding option is to feed the dog fresh food or home-cooked food.

Here, too, care should be taken to ensure a sufficient calorie intake.
Feed your English Toy Terrier several times a day as the small dog can only eat small amounts. Although healthy dogs usually have good teeth, the components of the food should not be too large.
Because the English Toy Terrier is a loveable dog, many people tend to spoil them. Many human foods are unsuitable for dogs.

Your English Toy Terrier should therefore only be fed leftovers if they do not contain any sugar or spices.


The tiny terrier has an easy-care coat that never actually needs to be washed. Once your English Toy Terrier has rolled over, you can wash it off with plain water. You should only use a dog shampoo if it is very dirty. Too frequent use of shampoo destroys the natural protective layer of the coat, which can promote skin diseases.
Your English Toy Terrier is a hardy dog ​​that usually doesn’t need a jacket.

At very low temperatures, it can make sense to protect the dog with a well-fitting jacket. Very small dogs in particular get hypothermia when they are out and about in the snow for a long time. The jacket should fit snugly and not get in the way of your dog walking and playing.
Check your English Toy Terrier’s teeth regularly. Tartar can form here, which in the long run can lead to painful tooth inflammation.

A soft dog toothbrush can be used for cleaning. A toothpaste for dogs is harmless and usually tastes quite good to the animals. Be sure to introduce your English Toy Terrier to brushing his teeth slowly and gently.


The English Toy Terrier is one of the oldest miniature breeds. As the name suggests, he comes from England. In the 1860s, the dog was referred to as the “Miniature Black and Tan Terrier.” Under this name, the small dogs were used as rat hunters, for example. Shows in which the terriers were set on the rodents in an arena became popular. Bettors were completed about which dog would slay the most rats.

Another task of the terriers was to protect the winners of the bets from pickpockets. The small dogs were often carried in the bag and protected their owners. Over time, the dog breed also became popular with women. They were companions and playmates.
In the 20th century, some breeders became aware of the almost forgotten dog breed.

The English Toy Terrier has been seen at breed shows in Germany for a number of years. But he only has a small circle of followers and is therefore still rare.

English Toy Terriers Accessories

You don’t need many accessories for your English Toy Terrier for everyday use. Your dog needs at least two bowls for food and water. The water bowl should always be full and within reach of your dog.
Since English Toy Terriers are very delicate animals, you should buy a well-fitting harness. It is also important to use a light leash.

Pull leashes are less suitable if your dog hasn’t learned not to pull on the leash. A good alternative are lightweight leashes that give your dog freedom of movement.
The playful English Toy Terrier loves to learn. So you can practice many sports with him, which are also suitable for very small dogs. Dummies and other fetch toys are good for training.

Additionally, your English Toy Terrier will enjoy chew toys that also support dental health.
Last but not least, you should provide your English Toy Terrier with a comfortable dog bed. There are various dog beds, almost all of which are well suited. If your terrier is allowed on the sofa or in bed, you can assign him a dog blanket there as well.
It is very important to secure your English Toy Terrier well in the car.

An adapter for the belt buckles can be attached to the harness. This prevents jumping around while driving and reduces the risk for your dog in the event of an accident. An alternative is to get your dog used to a carrier. You can also take him on the train in a transport box if he is used to it.

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