Cooling pads for cats and dogs: efficiency, how to choose and where to buy?

Сooling pad

In summer, when the temperature rises above +25 degrees, there is a risk of overheating for animals. Hyperthermia is a condition when the body temperature becomes higher than normal. Cats normally tolerate heat, but their thermoregulation mechanisms are imperfect and owners must help pets survive the stuffy time without health consequences. One solution is special cooling mats. The question arises: are such products effective?

How the cooling pad works

A special coolant is placed inside the mat – a refrigerant (refrigerant). This substance acts due to its chemical and physical characteristics, so the mat does not need to be connected to batteries and an outlet. Such substances are used in refrigeration systems, but there they are gaseous, and the mats contain a solid polymer gel. It takes heat from the cooled object (dog or cat) and then transfers it to the environment.

There are several types of gel in bedding. Depending on this, pads are divided into:

  • absorbing cold moisture;
  • taking away and giving away cold;
  • activated by weight.

The first type of pads has a granular layer inside. Such pads are first soaked in cold water: the gel absorbs water, and then gives it coolness to the pet. At the same time, the weight of the product increases several times, and the pads themselves become wet: it is unpleasant for cats to lie on them, and dogs sometimes refuse. In addition, a heavy rug is uncomfortable. As a rule, cat owners who have tried such products are dissatisfied.

A more perfect option is a gel bed, which is kept in the refrigerator before use. Then the product gives cold to the pet for 6 hours. Such mats constantly need to be “recharged”, and they are unhygienic to use, because. involve constant movement from the floor to the refrigerator.

The third type of pads is the most comfortable. Inside there is a gel that is activated under the weight of the animal, starting to give off coolness. You can’t lie on such a rug all the time: the chemical characteristics of the gel are such that it needs to periodically regain its original structure when no pressure is applied to the substance. Therefore, once every 4-24 hours (depending on the type of gel), the rug is pulled out from under the cat and the structure of the substance is allowed to be restored within half an hour.

It is the third type of pads that is the most convenient and leaves customers satisfied. Such litter maintains a temperature of 17-30 degrees. It depends on the type of gel and the ambient temperature: usually the mat is 10 degrees colder than the air. But pads of other types with a temperature of +8 +10 degrees cause colds as a result of constant use.

How to understand that you need a rug?

Signs that a cat is unwell due to the heat and trying to cool off are the following behavior:

  • the animal is looking for a darkened cool place;
  • lies on his back, opening his stomach;
  • or flattened belly on the cold floor;
  • shallow and rapid breathing;
  • sticks out his tongue and opens his mouth.

In addition, the very fact that the air temperature is above +25 degrees Celsius already indicates that cooling measures need to be taken. If the air conditioner works, it easily solves the problem. If it is not there or you are traveling somewhere with a cat (you are in a hot passenger compartment, walking down the street, etc.), then the rug will be a suitable solution.

Such a bedding can be placed on the floor, on a table, on a sofa, on the bottom of a carrier or couch, on a car seat. Bonus: they can cool the laptop and products. Or sit down yourself.

When a cooling mat is not suitable:

  • in case it is too cold;
  • when the air conditioner is running in the room;
  • when the air temperature has not reached +25 degrees;
  • when the temperature has reached +25 degrees, but does not exceed +30 degrees and there is a stream of cool fresh air, as well as shade.

Are cooling pads dangerous to health?

Many people worry that lying in the cold will cause a cat to get cystitis, a furuncle on the abdomen, pneumonia, or other diseases associated with hypothermia. This is not so, because, as we have already said, the temperature of the mat is only 5-15 degrees lower than the temperature of the animal. That is, for example, the temperature of the cat is 38 degrees, then the mat can be 18 degrees cooler – that is, have 20 degrees. Such a small difference is provided specifically so that the cooling does not become excessive. Lying on a cold concrete or tile floor is even more dangerous in this regard.

But this statement applies only to the right mats, which cool moderately. Mats that involve strong uncontrolled cooling can only be used in an emergency situation, when you need to urgently reduce the temperature of the animal. Continuous operation is not recommended.

Where to buy and price

Cooling mats for dogs and cats are sold online. Prices for pads vary depending on the size and manufacturer: an average of 10-30 dollars.

Some manufacturers fill bedding with super-quality gel, while others choose cheaper options. In addition, pads differ depending on the type of coating – more durable and less durable. Hence the price difference.

Mats for cooling cats and dogs are produced by companies from different countries. The most expensive and high-quality ones are offered by the EU countries, the USA and Japan. These are such brands: Hurtta (Finland), Ruff Wear (USA), Aqua Coolkeeper (Belgium), Cool Mate (Japan), Ferplast (Italy), Trixie (Germany) and others. More simple, but good and cheap option in China.

We suggest paying attention to Puppystar

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Other cooling options

In addition to pads, people have invented cooling mattresses, bandanas, towels, vests, scarves and collars. Bandanas, vests, kerchiefs and collars use the same technology as mats. They are filled with a cooling gel, but not one that is activated by pressure, but one that must first be wetted or held in the refrigerator. Such products help to minimize the risk of sunstroke while walking.

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