Description Cavapoo

Lovable, Straightforward, Outgoing
The Cavapoo – also known as the Capoodle – is a particularly interesting breed of dog. This is what is known as a hybrid dog breed. Like most of its kind, it is not recognized by the FCI. The cute dogs come from a cross between a poodle and a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. The name of the breed can also be derived from this. The Cavapoo first originated in Australia. The animals are extremely popular family and companion dogs. They are suitable for everyone and can enrich the dreary everyday life immensely.

  • Size: Small
  • Weight: 5-7kg
  • Life expectancy: 14-18 years
  • Coat Type: Medium Hair
  • Colors: Tan, Ruby, Black, Gray, Red, Beige, White

Character Cavapoo

The Cavapoo is a small to medium-sized dog breed and is generally considered a companion dog . An adult animal reaches an average height of approx. 30 to 35 cm. The weight of the fluffy four-legged friends is in proportion to their size. As a rule, the dogs weigh between 5 and 7 kg.

In comparison to their male counterparts, bitches are often more delicately built and therefore lighter.
The Cavapoo has a robust and compact physique . The appearance of the dogs is basically very cute to look at. However, it can have very different markings due to the crossing of two breeds.
The special features of the animals are their pretty face and the large, dark beady eyes.

The Cavapoo also has large, breed-typical floppy ears. These are covered with soft, long and wavy hair and require special care. The long tail of the dogs is also covered with fluffy fur.
The fur of the Cavapoo is probably its greatest visual feature. It is very wavy to almost curly and incredibly soft.

Fur colors can vary greatly. Both dark and light colors are possible. In addition, the Cavapoo’s coat may show spots or shading.
The occurrence of several color tones is therefore not uncommon. Particularly common color combinations here are tan, ruby ​​and tricolor.

Simple, single color shades from black to grey, red, beige and white are also possible.
The color of the coat mostly depends on the more dominant dog breed in terms of crossbreeding. This can be completely different for each animal. Puppies from a litter can also have very different strong characteristics. This is what makes the breed so interesting.

The life expectancy of the Cavapoo is surprisingly high. The average age is 14 to 18 years. This is not least due to the vitality and the low susceptibility to diseases and breeding-related genetic defects.
The Cavapoo has made a name for itself as a companion dog in the United States and Australia. This is primarily due to his lovable and uncomplicated nature.

The Cavapoo is an outgoing and alert dog . He is sociable and never shows aggressive behavior. He is open and friendly towards people and animals. The Cavapoo gets along well with other dogs as well as with other pets.
The cute dogs are ideal as family dogs and get along wonderfully with children.

Because of their strong play instinct, they can become great companions for children. The dogs want to be firmly integrated into the family and to belong completely at any price.
The Cavapoo is a loyal soul. He builds a close connection to his master and his family and can therefore seem almost affectionate. The dogs do not like to be alone and quickly feel lonely.

They should not be left alone for long periods of time. This could unsettle and offend the cute little animals.
The lovable four-legged friends are also very vigilant and would do anything to protect their families. Despite their size, they are said to have courage and bravery . At the same time, the animals are considered to be extremely active and lively .

They love to romp and play.
The clever dogs also have a quick mind . They are good for learning tricks and tricks. In general, the dogs want to be challenged and demand that their owner keep them busy without becoming intrusive.
Although the animals like to exercise, they don’t mind a quiet afternoon now and then.

The most important thing for dogs is that they can be close to their loved ones. Cavapoos are very cuddly and need a lot of attention and lots of stroking.

Diet Cavapoo

Feeding small dogs is uncomplicated and simple. Balanced and nutritious meals form the basis of a healthy diet for the animals .
The daily amounts of food should be adjusted to the age, the need for exercise and the weight of the dog. You are welcome to feed them treats and small snacks from time to time. Chewing bones are ideal as a special reward or activity.

In general, Cavapoos do not tend to be overweight. Nevertheless, care should be taken here, as potential obesity can severely affect the dogs. The cute dogs usually live close to their owners and quickly get used to begging at the table. This should definitely be prevented from the start. Once begging is tolerated, it is difficult to break the habit.

Instead, the dogs should be given their own place to eat.
Cavapoos are basically very vital and fit. They are considered a healthy breed of dog and very rarely get sick. The dogs are not prone to any allergies or ailments. Also, no breed-typical diseases are known.


In general, the Cavapoo is one of the easy-care dog breeds. Of course, the four-legged friends need a lot of attention and sufficient exercise. However, you can also keep busy for yourself.
In order to promote the dog in a way that is appropriate to the species, it can make sense to do dog sports with it. Cavapoos are real bundles of energy.

Even if they look like supposed lap dogs, the dogs have a pronounced urge to move . This can be satisfied with dog sports. Here the animals often achieve great results and great success.
Only the grooming of the dogs is a bit more demanding. In any case, the silky shiny fur must be brushed regularly and carefully.

This is to prevent knotting and dirt accumulation.
The ears of the animals in particular are extremely sensitive. This is where special sensitivity is required. However, the extensive grooming is always worthwhile. The fur of the four-legged friends is exceptionally soft and beautiful.

Cavapoos also shed very little to no hair at all. For this reason, the dogs are also particularly suitable for allergy sufferers .
The upbringing of the Cavapoo does not pose any particular difficulties either. The small dogs are easy to train and will gladly accept the guidance of their owners. Sound experience in dealing with dogs and their training is not required here.

Basically, it is advisable to start training as a puppy.
Once a relationship of trust has been built up between humans and animals, the rest takes care of itself. With patience, loving affection and gentle consistency, the course has already been set for a functioning upbringing.
The Cavapoo is an even-tempered and easy-going dog. That’s why he’s such a good companion.

The animals know how to behave, hardly bark and do not attract negative attention.
With good training, the animals can easily be taken anywhere. The pretty animals cut a fine figure both when traveling and in restaurants or pubs.


The Cavapoo is a relatively young breed of dog. She is also commonly known by the name Cavoodle. The emergence of this particular dog breed only began in the 1990s in Australia.
At that time, dog breeders deliberately began to cross poodles with Cavalier King Charles spaniels . The resulting Cavapoos had many positive qualities and an incredibly cute appearance right from the start.

So it is obvious that they quickly enjoyed great popularity.
Due to their mixture of two completely independent dog breeds, the Cavapoos are among the designer dogs . Among other things, these are referred to as such because they create a very unique species from two different breeds.
Since then, the Cavapoo has become one of Australia’s most popular dog breeds. It can be found almost on every corner.

In the USA , too, there are more and more breeders and lovers of this breed, which is spreading rapidly.
So far, various breeding associations have refused to recognize the Cavapoo as a separate dog species. Nevertheless, there are various breeding clubs that strive to establish a breed standard for the cute little animals.
In Germany, the Cavapoo is not yet very widespread. The animals are still largely unknown in this country.

This interesting and appealing crossbreed is currently found only sporadically. However, this could change in the coming years.

Cavapoo Accessories

The small dogs do not make any special demands on their living space. They can easily be kept in an apartment. The Cavapoo feels very comfortable both in the country and in a city.
The close relationship with his family is important to him. The animals should definitely be kept in the house and accepted as real family members.

A kennel attitude would break the dog’s heart.
Even if the pretty dogs are allowed to sleep in the bed in many households, having your own retreat is extremely important. Dog beds or baskets are ideal for this. These should be positioned in such a way that the dogs can rest and are not constantly disturbed.
Nevertheless, the four-legged friends want to keep an eye on their surroundings.

This should be taken into account when placing. Otherwise, the dog will probably choose his own sleeping place.
The Cavapoo is known to be extremely playful and active . Therefore, some dog toys should definitely be purchased. In principle, the animals are entitled to any kind of employment.

Retrieval and ball games are just as good as games of skill . These can sharpen the minds of dogs.
Of course, the basic equipment such as a leash, collar or harness, food and water bowl, transport box should not be missing.

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