Cao De Água Português

Description Cao De Água Português

Intelligent, Brave, Obedient
The Cão De Água Português is a very good swimmer and diver. He was deployed on the coast of Portugal, guarding the ships and helping with the fishing. He has a high intelligence, is robust and affable. The Cão De Água Português gets along very well with children thanks to its cheerful nature and is a popular house and family dog.FCI Group: Retrievers – Search Dogs – Water Dogs

  • Size: medium
  • Weight: 16-27kg
  • Life expectancy: 12-15 years
  • Coat type: long hair
  • Colours: black, white, brown, brown and white, black and white

Character Cao De Água Português

The portuguese water dog first catches the eye with its powerful statue. The long, curled or wavy, jet black coat is typical. The long hair is usually evenly distributed over the body of the animal.
Although most Portuguese Water Dogs are black, coat color is very diverse. There are black, brown, white and bicolor specimens.

The character traits of the Portuguese water dog are described very differently. While some classify him as argumentative or stubborn, with others there is talk of a very obedient and frugal nature.
Dogs are individuals. It is difficult to say which character traits he develops most clearly during his lifetime. The Portuguese Water Dog needs a lot of training, attention, and exercise.

This is how the positive characteristics of the breed are brought out.
If the Cão De Água Português is trained early and consistently and the dog is given enough mental and physical exercise, it can be a very well-balanced companion. If this is not the case, he reacts quickly like a hyperactive and underutilized child.
Due to his pronounced sensory perceptions, he can be enthusiastic about any kind of activity. It is also often used as a therapy and rescue dog.

As the name suggests, he enjoys swimming.

Diet Cao De Água Português

The Portuguese water dog is no more or less demanding when it comes to its diet than other dog breeds. You should always make sure you choose a sugar- and grain-free feed with a high meat content.
Depending on your pet’s physical exertion and energy consumption, you should adjust the portions so that your Cão De Água Português does not become overweight or underweight. Possible allergies should always be discussed with the veterinarian. They will recommend the ideal food for your dog.


Grooming the long coat of the Cão De Água Português is very complex and takes a lot of time. At least twice a week you should brush the fur thoroughly with a comb and brush.
In summer, the fur should be trimmed or clipped regularly. This can also be done at home with a good quality clipper. The so-called “lion cut” is mandatory for show dogs.

It is important to always trim the fur between the portie’s claws. Painful awns can get caught here, especially with long fur. The hair in the ears should also be plucked regularly.


As the name suggests, the Portuguese Water Dog hails from Portugal, more specifically from the beautiful Algarve. There he was indispensable as a real working dog among the fishermen.
The water dog surrounded schools of fish, guarded them and retrieved escaped fish. He also communicated with the fisherman and thus showed broken nets, the mainland or sandbanks.
The Cão De Água Português is said to have done its work on ships as early as pre-Christian times.

Here he carried messages from one ship to the next.
In the 20th century, as industrialization progressed, the portie became less and less important for fishing. In 1970, with only 50 specimens left, he was the rarest dog in the world.
Let’s hope the great dog has regained popularity through Barack Obama. After all, we want to be able to enjoy this bright breed for many years to come.

Cao De Água Português Accessories

As already mentioned, the Portuguese water dog needs all kinds of utensils for grooming. A narrow, wide-toothed comb and brush are needed to detangle the coat. There is also a quality shearing machine. This should also be able to work its way through your portie’s frizzy hair.
Besides grooming supplies, the Cão De Água Português can never get enough of something to do.

In addition to a selection of long and short leashes of your choice, training gadgets are always a good idea. Clickers and various search and activity games are very popular. There should also always be enough retrieval objects such as dummies and balls.

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