Cao Da Serra Da Estrela

Description Cao Da Serra Da Estrela

Perceptive, Alert, Suspicious
The Cão da Serra da Estrela is an ancient Portuguese breed of dog that was bred specifically for herding large herds. In addition, the loyal four-legged friend can also be a wonderful family dog ​​in experienced hands.FCI Group: Pinscher – Schnauzer – Molosser – Swiss Mountain Dogs

  • Size: Large
  • Weight: 30-50kg
  • Life expectancy: 10-12 years
  • Coat type: long hair
  • Colours: fawn, fawn, grey, brindle, yellow

Character Cao Da Serra Da Estrela

The males are usually larger and heavier than the females and can weigh up to 50 kg with a height at the withers of 72 cm. The large dog is compact in stature but well proportioned. The relatively small ears are triangular and laid back.
De Cão Da Serra Da Estrela is bred with long and short coats, but the long-haired variant has prevailed. Both variants have a dense undercoat and an equally dense but goat-like top coat.

The color of the fur ranges from fawn to gray to yellow. A distinctive feature of this breed is a dark shade of the face. -Similar to a mask.
As his job demands, the Cão Da Serra Da Estrela is very alert and has a general distrust of strangers. However, he is loyal to his master and is very concerned about his well-being.

As a shepherd dog, he is used to working independently and this is also reflected in his other behavior. These qualities also make him a popular watchdog or family dog. Nevertheless, a certain amount of experience is required when keeping this dog.
This is mainly due to its pronounced urge to move, which makes it ideal for keeping in rural areas

Diet Cao Da Serra Da Estrela

The Cão Da Serra Da Estrela often inherits a disposition to hip dysplasia. However, proper housing and nutrition during the first months of life can go a long way in preventing an outbreak. Therefore, a balanced diet tailored to the dog’s age is essential.
Puppies should eat a high-energy diet for the first few weeks, but without being overly stressed. After that, a low-protein diet is preferred to prevent premature growth.

Once the dog is fully grown, the energy intake from food should be increased again and adjusted to the dog’s needs.


Caring for this breed is usually surprisingly easy. Even the long-haired dogs do not need daily brushing and are happy to do with grooming once a week. In addition, the fur is naturally dirt-repellent.
However, during the change of coat, the Cão Da Serra Da Estrela sheds a lot and should therefore be brushed thoroughly every day.


The Cão Da Serra Da Estrela is considered the oldest breed of the Iberian Peninsula. For a long time these have lived as shepherd dogs in the Serra de Estrela area. They defend the herds against attackers such as wolves or thieves. Today, however, stray dogs pose the greatest threat to herds in the mountains. It is not uncommon for the Cão Da Serra Da Estrela to be left alone with the herds.

Lovers of this breed can also be found outside of Portugal. There are breeders in England, France, Sweden, Norway, Finland, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands and the USA.

Cao Da Serra Da Estrela Accessories

This breed is not suitable for dog sports, despite its willingness to move. They are far too willful for that. What Cão Da Serra Da Estrela needs above all is enough space to explore. -Often he does this unaccompanied

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