Ca De Bou

Description Ca De Bou

Cheerful, Lovable, Loyal
The Ca de Bou is a fairly old Spanish dog breed. It is also often known as the “Mallorca Mastiff”. The breed is recognized by the FCI and assigned to group 2 (mastiff-like dogs). Despite its rather dark origin story, the Ca de Bou is a happy, lovable dog. Basically, the animals are considered loyal protectors. But they can also make great family dogs.FCI Group: Pinscher – Schnauzer – Molosser – Swiss Mountain Dogs

  • Size: medium
  • Weight: 30-38kg
  • Life expectancy: 10-12 years
  • Coat type: short hair
  • Colours: Brindle, fawn with black mask, cream, brown

Character Ca De Bou

The Ca de Bou is one of the medium-sized to large dog breeds. Adult males reach a height of about 55 to 58 cm. Accordingly, the males weigh about 35 to 38 kg. Females are on average slightly smaller and lighter than their male counterparts. Their height is usually between 52 and 55 cm.

Bitches usually weigh between 30 and 34 kg.
Overall, the Ca de Bou has a strong, muscular and harmonious physique. The dogs have a broad chest, a noticeably strong neck and a distinctive head. Both the front legs and the hind legs of the animals appear strong and resilient. In addition, the dogs have a long tail.

The head of the Ca de Bou has large floppy ears. Overall, it is typical of a modification of the Bull Terrier and is surrounded by conspicuous wrinkles. The overall appearance of the Ca de Bou exudes courage and determination and may seem a bit intimidating.
The Ca de Bou has a very short, smooth coat. With regard to the coat color, different colorings are possible.

The breed standard describes the coat of this breed with the colors: light brown to golden brown, black and brindle. Some dogs also have white markings. These are often found on the chest, forehead, or lower legs of dogs. Such badges are also allowed by the standard.
The nature of the Ca de Bou is basically very lovable and friendly.

The dogs are considered to be extraordinarily clever and should be encouraged. They also need a lot of exercise and exercise. This is important so that the dogs don’t get bored or underchallenged. The Ca de Bou builds a very close, intense bond with its owner and is a loyal companion. He enjoys being petted by his owners and seeks physical closeness.

The Ca de Bou is therefore classified as extremely cuddly.
The loyalty of the four-legged friends is probably their most well-known characteristic. The dogs would do anything to protect their owners from any danger. For this reason, the Ca de Bou is particularly well suited as a protector and watchdog. He is rather suspicious of strangers and always observes his surroundings closely.

The Ca de Bou is brave, confident and has a high tolerance limit. He is not easily disturbed or provoked by other dogs. If it is necessary, he does not shy away from a confrontation.
The many positive characteristics make this dog breed a great family dog.

Diet Ca De Bou

Feeding the Ca de Bou turns out to be quite unproblematic. Like most large dog breeds, the Ca de Bou tends to overeat. You should therefore make sure that your four-legged friend does not become overweight. In addition, the dogs should take a short rest break after eating to prevent stomach torsion. A healthy, balanced diet consisting of lots of meat forms the basis for a healthy life.

The daily amount of food should depend on the size, weight, age and physical activity of the dog.
Basically, the Ca de Bou is considered a robust and vital dog breed. Breed-related diseases or allergies are not known. Only the hip problems that are common in large breeds can occur more frequently. The average life expectancy of a healthy four-legged friend is around twelve years.


Grooming the Ca de Bou is not very demanding. Regular brushing from time to time is sufficient. In terms of movement and exercise, however, the Ca de Bou has great needs. The four-legged friends need extensive walks several times a day. These can also take place in the wild.

In addition, the clever dogs should be promoted. Herzu offers to teach them tricks. Dog sports can also be a great way for the animals to get a good workout.
The Ca de Bou is not a beginner’s dog and should only be kept by experienced dog owners. He needs close contact with people and has to be trained as a puppy.

Good socialization is extremely important in order to avoid later complications with other dogs. With consistency, clear announcements and loving severity, the dogs can be trained well. It should be noted, however, that under no circumstances should aggressiveness or harshness be exercised when dealing with this breed. This would severely shake the relationship of trust between humans and animals.


The history of Ca de Bou is dark and sad at the same time. The breed was primarily bred to attack bulls in the past. The animals were trained to bite and trip a bull. This usually happened before the eyes of many onlookers. The breed also became increasingly involved in cruel dog fights.

Due to its aggressive and dark history, the Ca de Bou still faces nasty accusations and a bad reputation.
After the ban on bull biting and dog fighting, a large decline in the breed was noticeable in the population. Nevertheless, the Ca de Bou was then recognized as a dog breed by the FCI. Lovers of this breed banded together and saved the Ca de Bou from extinction.
The Ca de Bou is still a very rare dog breed today.

Nonetheless, there are some reputable breeders who make an effort to maintain the breed.

Ca De Bou Accessories

Due to its size alone, the Ca de Bou places certain demands on its habitat. The breed is not suitable for keeping in small apartments. Instead, the animals need a lot of space and, ideally, their own garden. The Ca de Bou feels more comfortable in more rural areas than in the city. This should be taken into account.

In order to promote the dog in a species-appropriate manner, various dog toys can be purchased. In addition, the four-legged friends need their own place to sleep in the house. This should be in a quiet, yet clear corner. In this way, the dogs can adequately recover and gather new strength.

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