Bouvier Des Ardennes

Description Bouvier Des Ardennes

Curious, Playful, Sociable
The Bouvier des Ardennes is a robust four-legged friend. Originally bred to herd large cattle, he still shines today with his high adaptability and versatility. Dog lovers appreciate him because he is curious, playful, agile and sociable. A Bouvier des Ardennes feels good when his human is doing well.FCI Group: Herding Dogs – Cattle Dogs

  • Size: medium
  • Weight: 25-29kg
  • Life expectancy: 9-15 years
  • Coat Type: Medium Hair
  • Colours: grey, black, brown, gold, red

Character Bouvier Des Ardennes

The breed belonging to the herding and cattle dogs has a solid physique. Bouviers des Ardennes are medium-sized, stocky, and have a heavy bone structure. The prominent features of them are the large head, the long, pointed ears and the stumpy chin. The dog is assigned to FCI group 1.
The Bouvier des Ardennes’ fur is rough and disheveled, and it has a characteristic beard and mustache on its face.

In Germany it has only been bred for a few years. Therefore, it is still one of the lesser-known dog breeds in this country. He really has a lot to offer dog lovers. Give him a task and you can look forward to a loyal companion and real friend. Whether it’s agility, retrieving or tracking work – he masters it all effortlessly.

The Bouvier des Ardennes always goes to great lengths to make its owner happy. Since he has a strong protective and herding instinct, he is ideal as a house and yard dog. Due to its thick fur, low temperatures hardly bother it. In winter, its already dense undercoat grows even more. Thus, the Bouvier des Ardennes is always well protected even in harsh weather conditions.

Bouviers des Ardennes are docile and blend in well – making them particularly good family dogs.

Diet Bouvier Des Ardennes

A Bouvier des Ardennes consumes quite a bit of food, it is known for its pronounced appetite. So he eats everything you put in front of him with enthusiasm. Since he also has a strong drive to move, he is not prone to obesity if he is sufficiently busy. Nevertheless, you should make sure to present him with a balanced diet and only give treats in moderation. When it comes to nutrition, a varied diet that contains all the necessary nutrients is recommended.

Above all, proteins and healthy fats are important because they get their energy from them. It is better to ban food with added substances from your diet.


Caring for a Bouvier des Ardennes is uncomplicated. Brush his fur once a month and check his eyes, paws and ears for abnormalities, then you’ve already done the most important thing.
The breed is prone to cataracts and hip dysplasia, so regular veterinary check-ups are necessary. Due to its size and athletic nature, the Bouvier des Ardennes needs a lot of exercise. Therefore, he is not suitable as an apartment dog.

It is better if you can offer him a house, preferably with a spacious garden area.
He is literally a workhorse, so he is happy if you give him lots of exercise and varied activities. Then he is balanced and also shows his harmonious and cuddly side at home. The Bouvier des Ardennes is not only a herding dog, but also a hunting dog and has an instinct to match. When walking together through the forest, it makes sense to leave him on a leash.


The dog breed comes, as the name already suggests, from the French and Belgian Ardennes. In the 18th and at the beginning of the 19th century it was used as a farm and herding dog. His job was to round up sheep and cattle and guard the property.
The living conditions were rough at that time and the people were poor. Thus, primarily robust and resistant dogs were needed for the supportive work at home.

The dogs were made for it. Over the years, farmers have bred the Bouviers des Ardennes into a robust, agile and trainable worker.
Industrialization reduced the need for suitable working dogs. The breed was forgotten for a long time. In 1983 it was rediscovered, more or less by accident, and has since been rebuilt.

In the 1990s, the focus was again increasingly on the breeding lines of the Ardennes. In 1996 the breed was officially recognized by the FCI under standard no. 171. The willingness to perform, docility and the friendly, people-oriented nature of the animals ensured that the Bouvier des Ardennes became increasingly popular.

Bouvier Des Ardennes Accessories

The Bouvier des Ardennes is a playful contemporary. That’s why you can make him very happy with balls and dumbbells. A simple stick can be enough for fetching, special training aids such as throw ropes and the like add variety to the game.
Since the shaggy herding dog is a good tracker, you have many opportunities to challenge it with targets, marker cones or a few hidden treats. It is also important to have a good leash that gives him plenty of space to run around while playing together.

A towing leash is also recommended for young dogs that have yet to get used to working on a leash.

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