Bombay cat wanted poster

Bombay cat wanted poster

Portrait of the little panther cat

The black coat color in combination with the bright yellow eyes make the Bombay cat look like a mini panther. All information about this unique breed can be found here in the profile.

History and origin of the Bombay cat

The Bombay cat was bred by a single Louisville breeder named Nikki Horner. In 1958, the American set herself the goal of breeding a cat with the appearance of a black panther in living room format. In addition, the cats should be calm and suitable for families, but also robust. So she mated a brown friendly with a sturdy black American Shorthair. After ten years of intensive breeding, she achieved the desired result and created a new breed. Although the breed has no relation to Indiashe named the black cats after the former Indian city of Bombay (now Mumbai). The breeder probably came up with the name in relation to the home of the real black panther. Towards the end of the 1970s, the breed was officially recognized. In Germany, the Bombay is one of the rarest breeds and is rarely found.

essence and character

In character, the gentle Bombay cat resembles its ancestor the Burmese. With her friendly and curious nature, she quickly wraps everyone around her paw. The affectionate cats prefer to be as close to their owners as possible, which is why they like to crawl under the covers or jump on the shoulder. They feel comfortable in a family household with children and lots of action. The cats react robustly to stress and changes and are not easily disturbed. The Bombay should not be without a conspecific so that the sociable cat feels comfortable. The intelligent and attentive house catsThey like to have an elevated position or a cozy window seat from where they can watch the action with their big yellow eyes.

Appearance of the Bombay cat

The Bombay cat not only looks like a miniature version of a black panther , but also has the typical feline gait. The athletic and supple stride is similar to the so-called big cat gait and makes the cat appear elegant and mysterious. The medium-sized, compactly built cats have medium-length legs with small paws. The head is rounded and the medium-sized ears have rounded tips. The short and close-fitting fur is deep black down to the roots of the hair. Experts speak of a so-called patent leather coat. The coat of a purebred Bombay should be pure black with no white spots.

attitude and care

Outdoor cat or indoor cat?

The Bombay cat is ideal as an indoor cat. She prefers to be with her people anyway and doesn’t have a strong urge for freedom. In a large and cat-friendly apartment with scratching post, litter box and feeding place, nothing stands in the way of happy coexistence. You should avoid unhindered access, as the open-minded and curious cat is not afraid of anything. Unfortunately, cars or cat catchers are also included. Ideally, you should allow the black cat to run around in a secure gardenor on a balcony. Some members of the breed can even be trained to walk like a dog on a leash. With a little practice, the clever and affectionate cats can do just as much as a dog. But that depends on the individual character and the circumstances in the “walkies” area. Where there are many dogs or other dangers lurking, you should not take your cat for a walk.

How much activity does the Bombay cat need?

Since many members of the breed are purely indoor cats, they need a certain level of activity. The mini panther appreciates excitement and loves to play with children or fellow animals. Both classic  and learning tricks are fun for the cats. With a sophisticated intelligence toy, the cats are also well utilized. The most important thing is that you offer the house cat variety. The human-related cat should also not be alone too often and should be cuddled regularly.

grooming and feeding

The Bombay cat’s black, short coat is easy to care for and does not require any special grooming. It is enough if you rub the cat with a damp leather cloth from time to time so that the fur remains shiny. Regular brushing during the moult also helps. You should also ensure a healthy and balanced diet so that the fur does not become dull. It is best to provide your indoor cat with enough fresh water in the form of a drinking fountain.

Acquiring a Bombay cat

Before you get yourself a Bombay cat, you should be sure that you have enough time for the human-related cat. The first hurdle to overcome is the lack of breeders in Germany. Since the breed is one of the rarest in this country, there is no official breeding association. The best thing to do is research the internet and contact a private breeder. However, beware of fake offers and take a close look at the breeder. Look at the kitten’s parents and siblings and the housing conditions. For a healthy kitten with vaccinations and worming you pay around 750€.

Interesting and worth knowing

Breeding variants of the Bombay cat

Apart from the traditional breed variant of the Bombay cat, there are two other forms. The modern type is now most widespread in the United States, France and Switzerland, and is facially reminiscent of a . A short nose and a wide muzzle make the cat look a bit fierce. The European type has a longer snout and larger ears than the traditional breed. In addition, it is slightly larger and stronger overall.

Already knew?

  • In the US, the affectionate Bombay is nicknamed the velcro cat because it’s so difficult to separate from its owner.
  • The panther Baghira from the film The Jungle Book allegedly served as a model for breeding the black cat.

Are you also a big fan of the Bombay cat or do you want to get one soon? Tell me in the comments what makes the house tiger so special!

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