White Cloud Mountain minnow

Aquarium fish: White Cloud Mountain minnow (Tanichthys albonubes)
Size: 4 cm
Origin: Asia
Water temperature: 16-22 ° C
Aquarium volume: 54 l

White Cloud Mountain minnow (Tanichthys albonubes) – a small, popular aquarium fish from the carp family.


White Cloud Mountain minnows come from Asia. The species inhabits smaller rivers in parts of China and Vietnam.

Characteristics and disposition

Chinese cardinals can be up to 4 cm long. Pisces is characterized by a light gold, blue-edged stripe along the body, running from the eye to the base of the caudal fin, ending in a dark, red-framed spot.

The color of the fins is variable. There are also breeding forms, e.g. gold, albino, long-fin, intense red. Unfortunately, such forms are mostly genetically weaker, less resistant to diseases and deformations. Males are usually a bit slender and more brightly colored than females.

A very gentle species, shoal, it feels best in a group of more than 10 individuals. Fish kept in a herd are less skittish, they look more effective and show their natural behavior. Males look best when they compete with each other for the favor of females. Chinese cardinals can be confused with Vietnamese cardinals (T. micagemmae, T.

sp. Vietnam), however, their distinction is not difficult. Chinese cardinals are above all larger by about 1 cm, the characteristic dark stripe is much thinner and their torso is red-brownish in color. The dorsal and anal fins of T. micagemmae are edged red, while in T.

sp. Vietnam they are edged yellow.

Nutrition and feeding

In nature, Chinese cardinals eat food of animal origin, e.g. small insects, insect larvae, zooplankton. In the aquarium, they can be given dry food, regularly supplemented with live or frozen food.


Fish should be kept in a well-filtered aquarium with dimensions of at least 60x30x30 cm. They look best against the background of lush vegetation and dark ground. Floating plants, roots, branches and dry leaves will convey a more natural habitat for this species. Cardinals require a low water temperature, the optimal range is 16-22 ° C, they live shorter at higher temperatures. We can keep them in a social aquarium with fish with similar environmental requirements, eg pink barb, green barb, great finch, zebrafish .


Like many other carp, they scatter eggs and do not care for their offspring. In well-kept, densely overgrown reservoirs, reproduction often occurs without our intervention. However, if we want to get a larger number of fry, it is necessary to prepare a separate breeding aquarium. It should be shaded. A net with fine meshes should be placed at the bottom so that adults cannot get into the scattered eggs.

Artificial grass or glass balls can also be used for this purpose. However, small-leaved plants such as mosses work best. The water should be slightly acidic, neutral and the temperature should be around 22 ° C. A small sponge filter or an air cube is sufficient for filtration. Before the planned spawning, the fish should be fed abundantly and when the females will become round in the abdominal area, select one or two pairs and in the evening transfer them to a previously prepared tank.

Spawning usually takes place in the morning. Chinese cardinals can also be bred in a larger group, in a correspondingly larger aquarium, keeping the sex ratio 1: 1. The adults eat the roe, so after 2-3 days they should be caught. Hatching occurs within 48-60 hours. After the next few days, the cubs begin to swim freely and we start feeding micro foods in liquid or slurry until they are able to take micro nematodes, artemia, etc.


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