Poecilia wingei

Aquarium fish: Poecilia wingei (Poecilia wingei)
Size: 4 cm
Origin: South America
Water temperature: 22-30 ° C
Aquarium volume: 30 l

Poecilia wingei (Poecilia wingei ) – a small viviparous aquarium fish from the beautifull family.


South America . The species is native to the northeastern part of Venezuela.

Characteristics and disposition

The sex of the fish is very easy to distinguish. The female of Endler’s Guppy is 4.5 cm long, has a uniform silvery or golden color, is also rounder than the  male .

blue, white, green, purple, sometimes yellow. The upper and lower parts of the male’s elongated caudal fin are also colorful. Endler’s original Guppy form is hard to come by. The most common in trade are the crosses with the peacock’s eye guppy. There is also an artificially grown form of albino.

Easy to breed, calm and very attractive fish. Recommended for beginner aquarists. Males tolerate each other. Females may be territorial. During the spawning period, males persistently pursue females.

There should be 2-3 females per male in the aquarium.

Nutrition and feeding

Omnivorous. They eat most small foods. You can give them a mix of dry foods supplemented with live, frozen and vegetable foods with the addition of spirulina.


Despite their small size, they are very active fish, so the minimum requirements for the tank should be respected.

A 30 l aquarium is enough for a harem of 3 females and one male. They will feel best in a densely overgrown aquarium with a lot of hiding places and nooks and crannies. They prefer warm, hard or medium-hard water with a neutral reaction. The optimal water temperature for them is 24-27 ° C. In warmer water, they grow faster but live shorter at the same time.

They tend to jump out of the aquarium, so a cover will be needed. Endler guppies will not be suitable for a general aquarium. If we want to breed them, a species aquarium will be the right one. Good company will be other small, gentle fish, such as cuiras , rainbow (filigree rainbow, gertrude), some tetras . However, you should avoid fish prone to nibbling or gnawing fins.


Guppies are very easy to breed . If we do not want to breed them, it is best to keep only smaller but more attractive males. No special measures are required for reproduction, lush vegetation is recommended, including the floating one, which will provide shelter for the fry. Guppies can breed even every 23-24 days. Depending on the age and size of the female, 5 to 30 fully developed fish are born.

Adults rarely eat fry, but if we want to raise more of them, it is best to separate pregnant females into a separate tank. The young are relatively large and can immediately eat Artemia larvae and crushed dry food. When fed 2-3 times a day, they grow very quickly. They colorize after 3-5 weeks and reach sexual maturity after 2-3 months.


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