Peaceful betta

Aquarium fish: Peaceful betta (Betta imbellis)
Size: 6 cm
Origin: Asia
Water temperature: 24-28 ° C
Aquarium volume: 30 l

Peaceful betta (Betta imbellis ) – freshwater aquarium fish also known as gentle siamese fighting fish, calm, dwarf fighting fish.


The defenseless fighter comes from Asia. It lives in small, calm rivers and standing waters in Malaysia and partly in Indonesia.

Characteristics and disposition

It resembles the Siamese fighting fish ( B. splendens ), but it is a bit smaller and more delicate.

Reaches 5-6 cm in length. Males are more intensely colored and have various colors, they also have slightly elongated fins. Depending on the population they come from, they may differ in color and pattern. There are many color varieties in breeding and “crosses” with other fighters. Contrary to its name, it is not a peaceful fish.

Only one male can be kept in the tank, otherwise they will compete for their territory. Similarly to the great fighter, it is used for gambling purposes in Thailand, ie fights of (male) fighters, similar to “cock fights”.

Nutrition and feeding

Defenseless fighters more eagerly eat small live food, e.g. daphnia or an artery, but they can also be given frozen and dry food.


For a harem of gentle fighters, a minimum of 54 liters of aquarium will be required.

Fish feel best in a tank with a lot of plants, including floating ones. They can be, for example, Water indentation, Salvinia, Lotos , Cryptocoryne . Fighters, and especially females, should be provided with numerous hiding places made of roots, stones, small pots, plastic tubes or dry leaves. Filtration should not be too strong, a small sponge filter with flow regulation will be suitable. Fish breathe atmospheric airtherefore the aquarium should be covered so that the air above the water has a temperature close to the water temperature.

Siamese fighting fish are not the right choice for a social aquarium due to their territoriality. However, in the company of more vigorous and larger fish, they will hide. They can be kept, for example, with small carps and peaches, but in the presence of other species they are less eager to spawn. It is best to keep them in a species aquarium .


Siamese fighting fish are very sensitive to differences between water and air temperature, therefore the spawning tank should be tightly covered .

The fish do not need to be separated before spawning, however the female will not be tolerated very much by the male. Siamese fighters ready for spawning take on more intense colors, light and dark stripes appear on the female’s body. The act usually takes place under the nest, where the male hugs the female and releases the dandelion. The female lays eggs, which the male collects and moves to the nest. The cycle is repeated several times.

After spawning, the male takes over the care of the nest. Hatching occurs within 24-48 hours. The fry remain in the nest for the next 3-4 days, during which time they eat food from the yolk sac. When the fry begin to swim freely in search of food, the male loses interest in the nest. We feed the young 2-3 times a day with micro foods until they can eat micro nematodes, Artemia or Daphnia.

Water changes should be regular but not too large.


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