Pangio semicincta

Aquarium fish: Pangio semicincta (Pangio semicincta)
Size: 9 cm
Origin: Asia
Water temperature: 21-26 ° C
Aquarium volume: 54 l

Pangio semicincta (Pangio semicincta) – a characteristic aquarium fish with an elongated body.


Asia . It occurs in the regions of the Malay Peninsula, Sumatra and Borneo.

Characteristics and disposition

It reaches a length of 8-10 cm. Long, ribbon-like, laterally flattened orange-yellow body.

It is covered with dark stripes across the torso. The eyes are covered with clear skin and there is a small spike under them. There are three pairs of whiskers by the mouth. It also occurs in breeding form of albino. The sex of the fish is difficult to distinguish .

Females a bit more rounded. The fish are calm. Although they are not shoal fish, they are found in clusters in nature, therefore 5-6 pieces are recommended for the aquarium. They are active at night, during the day they like to bury themselves in the ground or hide in caves and caves. It is considered a difficult fish to breed and is not recommended for beginners .

Nutrition and feeding

The thorns are omnivorous, you can give fine, falling to the bottom, live, frozen and dry food.


Aquarium minimum 54 l, in places densely planted with plants, necessarily with a soft substrate (preferably sand with the addition of peat). The tank should be equipped with hiding places made of stones and roots, and shaded by a few floating plants. They prefer soft, acidic, well-oxygenated water with a fairly strong current. In a traditional social aquarium, they can be kept with small, peaceful fish with similar environmental requirements.

In an aquarium with squeaky fish, it is recommended to use a lid.


Breeding this species is difficult. Although they breed in aquariums, little information is available about their mating behavior. In nature, they breed seasonally. They scatter light green roe under floating plants – the roe settles, sticks to their roots.

A kind of foamy nest is formed, where each grain of the roe is enclosed in its bubble.


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