Nematobrycon palmeri

Aquarium fish: Nematobrycon palmeri (Nematobrycon palmeri)
Size: 5 cm
Origin: South America
Water temperature: 23-27 ° C
Aquarium volume: 80 l

Nematobrycon palmeri (Nematobrycon palmeri) – freshwater aquarium fish from the tetras family, also known as Imperial Lip Gloss.


Nematobrycon palmeri comes from South America. The species inhabits the streams and rivers of western Colombia, most notably in the San Juan and Atrato basins.

Characteristics and disposition

Nematobrycon palmeris are about 5-6 cm long. They have blue-green shimmering sides of the torso.

Coloration is fully revealed only when lighting is not too strong. Adult males tend to be slightly larger, brightly colored, and have slightly longer fins – dorsal, anal and caudal. The iris of the eye in males is blue, while in females it is green. Emperor Tetras are one of the few species in the tetras family that have an elongated central caudal radius. Attractive, lively, peaceful and hardy fish, recommended for beginner aquarists.

Herd fish, therefore, a minimum of 10 individuals is recommended. In a larger group, they feel much better and look more effective. Males are territorial, but fighting in a well-arranged tank will not hurt themselves.

Nutrition and feeding

In nature, fish feed on small insects, worms and zooplankton. In the aquarium, they can be fed with a dry mixture, supplemented with animal foods.


Tetras require an aquarium of min. capacity of 80 liters. Ideally, not too brightly lit, planted in places, with a dark substrate. Due to territoriality, fish should be provided with a large number of hiding places. The Nematobrycon palmeri fits perfectly in a social aquarium.

It can be kept with most livebaits, zebrafish, razors, other tetras, and calm demersal fish such as cuiras. Gurami and nurses can also be a companionship for her. Larger fish can treat it as food.


The Nematobrycon palmeri is not a difficult species to breed. If we want to get a larger number of fry, a separate spawning tank should be prepared.

The aquarium is about 16 liters, we shade it and place in it fine-leaved plants, e.g. java moss. Alternatively, we can use an artificial mop and a mesh for the bottom. The water should be soft and acidic in the range of 6.0-7.0 ph, 1-10 ° dGH and a temperature of 26-28 ° C. A small sponge filter is sufficient for filtration.

Fish can be bred in a larger group, where there is one male for each female. In this case, the aquarium must be larger. We feed spawners abundantly with live or frozen food. As soon as we spot the roe, we catch the adult fish or transfer the plants on which it was deposited. However, the best results are obtained by breeding Tetra in pairs.

Before the planned spawning, females are separated from males and fed abundantly with live or frozen food. When the females will be rounder (full of eggs) and the males will take on more intense colors, choose the thickest female and the prettiest male and transfer them to the breeding aquarium in the evening. Spawning usually takes place in the morning of the next day. If spawning does not happen within a few days, we should try with another pair. When we observe the eggs, we catch the adult fish.

Hatching occurs after 24-36 hours. The fry begin to swim after about 4-5 days. In the first days, we serve micro foods.


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