Aquarium fish: Molly (Poecilia sphenops)
Size: 10 cm
Origin: South America
Water temperature: 24-29 ° C
Aquarium volume: 112 l

Molly (Poecilia sphenops) – a lively, sociable freshwater fish from the Poeciliidae family, suitable for a general aquarium.


Spur Mollies can be found in Central and South America , from Mexico to Colombia.

Characteristics and disposition

The fish in the breeding farm reaches a length of 10 cm – the female , the male is smaller and grows up to 8 cm. The male’s anal fin is transformed into a gonopodium. There are many varieties with different coloration (the male is more colorful).

Long-term breeding also led to the selection of the large-finned variety. In the aquarium, crosses with the peacock’s eye guppy were also obtained. Molynesia is a live, sociable fish, suitable for a multi-species aquarium.

Nutrition and feeding

Mollynesia feed on mosquito larvae, bloodworm and capricorn, daphnia. The diet must be supplemented with plant food, e.g.

spirulina. The fish clean the aquarium, its delicacy is algae.


Likes lush aquariums with extensive swimming space. Fish can be decorated with roots and stones. Molinesia inhabits the middle and upper parts of the reservoir.

It is sensitive to low water temperature and its fluctuations . The aquarium should be well filtered and aerated. Frequent water changes are recommended.


The reproduction of Molynesia is not a problem as long as the correct water parameters are maintained. Mollies are oviparous fish, females give birth to fully formed young.

Water temperature, during reproduction, should be slightly higher, approx. 26 ° C. The male fertilizes the female with a gonopodium – a transformed anal fin. Fertilization takes place in a general aquarium. Gestation lasts about 4-6 weeks.

Before the expected delivery, the pregnant female is best placed in the breeding box. This way we will protect the young from being eaten. Molynesia gives birth to 10 to 60 young, which we feed with chopped food.


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