Microdevario kubotai

Aquarium fish: Microdevario kubotai (Microdevario kubotai)
Size: 1.9 cm
Origin: Asia
Water temperature: 20-27 ° C
Aquarium volume: 40 l

Microdevario kubotai (Microdevario kubotai ) – beautifully colored, micro-sized aquarium fish from the carp family. Also known in the trade as yellow neon rasbora or green neon rasbora, rasbora kubotai .


Asia. The species is found in Southeast Asia, mainly in Thailand and Burma. It inhabits free-flowing oxygen-rich bodies of rivers and streams.

This environment is usually characterized by clean, clear water, sandy ground, with larger stones or sunken tree limbs.

Characteristics and disposition

Tiny fish grow to only 1.9 cm in length . Transparent body with a greenish yellow tint. A metallic shiny strip runs along the sideline. With proper lighting, the fluorescent green color is enhanced.

Transparent fins. Adult females are slightly larger and fuller than more intensely colored, slender males. They swim in the middle of the aquarium. Compared to other microtracers, they are quite bold . Mild, fast and very active, constantly on the move.

There are rarely arguments between them. They are gregarious, but do not stick to the shoal. In their natural environment, they live in groups of 20-50 individuals. It is recommended to keep min. 10 pcs.

In larger quantities they look nicer and show more natural behavior.

Nutrition and feeding

Omnivorous. Due to their size, they require small, crumbled food . It is recommended to regularly feed live or frozen foods, e.g. eyelids, brine shrimp larvae or daphnia.

A varied diet will keep them in good condition and intense, beautiful coloration.


A small group of kubotai razborek can be kept in min. A 30-liter tank , locally densely planted with vegetation, and shaded places. For decoration, you can use dry roots or twigs and stones. Floating plants are also recommended to reduce the amount of light entering.

Water movement should be moderate – not too strong, but at the same time providing it with good oxygenation. Fish should be introduced to a mature aquarium. They require high-quality water with stable parameters. For proper maintenance, frequent but small changes of fresh water are recommended. Kubotai razbory are best kept in a species aquarium or with other peaceful fish of similar size and environmental requirements.

Good company will be e.g. danios , boraras, neon green, amanda rapids , sparkling gourami , sumatrzak parosphromenus (gourami licorice), chocolate gourami . They will not nibble the fins of other fish. They are not recommended for shrimps – they hunt for small shrimps, fry and eat their eggs.


Like many other cyprinids, they scatter their spawn among plants and do not care for their offspring.

Reproduction is not difficult . In a well-groomed and maintained aquarium, a small amount of fry may appear without the intervention of the aquarist. If you want to get a larger amount, you should set up a separate breeding aquarium. A 10-15 liter tank is enough, filled with mature water, with a few larger clumps of small-leaved plants, e.g. java moss or an artificial aquarium mop.

Put a roe grate or a mesh with fine meshes on the bottom. A small sponge filter is sufficient for filtration. They can be bred in pairs or in larger groups. Before planned spawning, the proportion of live food in the diet should be increased. When the females are clearly larger, fuller and the males more intensely colored, we choose the largest female and the prettiest male and in the evening we transfer them to the previously prepared spawning tank.

Spawning usually takes place in the morning of the next day. Fish scatter their eggs among plants or directly on the ground. After spawning, the adults should be caught as they eat the eggs and fry. Hatching takes place after approx. 72 hours.

The fry swim on their own after the next 3-4 days. Initially, give the finest liquid or powder food.


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