Danio erythromicron

Aquarium fish: Danio erythromicron (Celestichthys erythromicron)
Size: 2 cm
Origin: Asia
Water temperature: 20 – 24 ° C
Aquarium volume: 30 l

Danio erythromicron (Celestichthys erythromicron ) – a tiny, freshwater aquarium fish from the carp family.


Asia. Endemic species, found only in Inle Lake in eastern Myanmar. It lives in densely covered with vegetation, shallow, coastal areas of the lake. Inle Lake where they live is characterized by excellent water quality.

Characteristics and disposition

Originally the species assigned to the genus Microrasbora, however further studies showed that the structure and behavior are closer to Danio. It can be up to 2 cm in length. Body pale copper in color, adorned from the head along the entire length with vertical blue stripes. The base of the tail is decorated with a dark spot of copper edged. The fins of males are clearly red-orange – more transparent in females.

Females are slightly larger and paler than males. Body shape and behavior as in Danio margaritatus . Fish with mild temperament, it is recommended to keep in a larger group, min. 8-10 fish with a predominance of females. They are shy in smaller numbers and are likely to hide in the nooks and crannies of the aquarium.

Males fight for territories – a characteristic dance is often observed, when they stretch their fins in front of their rival and poke them every now and then. They tend to nibble on the fins of their species’ fish (especially visible in small aquariums).

Nutrition and feeding

In nature, they eat algae and zooplankton. In the aquarium, they accept all small food. Regular feeding of live food, e.g.

eyelet, artemia larvae, daphnia, etc. will provide the fish with the best coloration, good condition and encourage them to spawn.


A 30-liter aquarium, densely planted with small-leaved plants, is enough for a small group of danios erythromicron. They look best in tanks not too brightly lit and with dark ground. Dry leaves and roots, especially those that color the water, are not recommended.

The movement of the water should not be too much. They require good filtration. They are delicate fish, sensitive to pollution and fluctuations in water parameters. The temperature in the lake where they live varies between 20 – 24 C, pH 7.0-8.0, hardness 12-20 dGH. Therefore, they will feel bad in acidic water.

Society should be chosen carefully. With larger and more vigorous fish, they will lose the food competition. In the company of gentle fish of similar size, they become bold and more visible.


Like many small carp, they scatter their spawn among plants and show no care for their offspring. In well-kept plant aquariums, they reproduce naturally and individual fry appear from time to time.

We will get better results through a more controlled approach. You will need a separate 10-15 liter spawning tank, filled with mature water. At least half of the tank should be small-leaved plants, e.g. mosses, alternatively, we can use artificial aquarium mops. A small sponge filter is enough to filter and oxygenate the water.

Adult fish (they reach sexual maturity after about a year of age) are fed more often with small, live foods, select a pair and transfer them to a previously prepared spawning tank. Spontaneous chases precede the spawning act. During spawning, the female scatters the eggs among the plants, which are then fertilized by the male. An adult female lays only a little, because about 30, quite sensitive roe grains. The parents should be caught as soon as possible , as they will eat every egg they come across, and the female needs time to regenerate before the next spawning process.

Hatching time depends on the temperature, usually after 72 hours. The young begin to swim freely in search of food after the next 3-4 days. In the first phase, we feed the fry with plankton or artificial micro-food. Then we introduce small live food, e.g. artemia larvae, micro nematodes, eyelids.


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