Albino cuirass

Aquarium fish: Albino cuirass (Corydoras aeneus albino)
Size: 5 cm
Origin: South America
Water temperature: 20-28 ° C
Aquarium volume: 54 l

Albino cuirass (Corydoras aeneus albino) – bronze cuirass or variegated cuirass in the albotic variety.


The species inhabits the tributaries of the Amazon River in Brazil.

Characteristics and disposition

It grows up to 6 cm. The white and pink, shimmering body of this fish is covered with two rows of bone plates. Gill cover and part of the head below, red eyes that move independently of each other.

Albinism is hereditary. The female is fuller and wider than the male (especially visible when viewed from above). The male has a taller and sharper dorsal fin. The spotted cuirass in this variety has a slightly longer mouth and is more slender than a bronze cuirass. The albino variegated was bred artificially.

The fish are gentle and peaceful. They are perfect for a social aquarium. It is best to keep min. 6 pieces, preferably 10 and more. In a large group, they are bolder and more active.

Nutrition and feeding

We feed albinos with small food that sinks to the bottom, live, frozen and dry in flakes or tablets.


They require a soft substrate (preferably sandy) so that they do not damage their whiskers while searching for food. A 54-liter aquarium with numerous hiding places will be suitable for a herd. Tank lighting not too bright, diffused by floating plants. In a social aquarium they can be kept with small fish, e.g.

neon , tetra , barb, cichlid .


Kiryski breeds best in groups, where there are 2 males for each female. The fish are transferred to the breeding aquarium with dimensions of at least 45x30x30 cm and we feed them abundantly with live or frozen food. Then we make a large water change 5 ° C colder than that in the tank. This operation may be repeated for several days.

During spawning, cuiras are more agitated, e.g. they swim continuously up and down along the front glass of the tank. The males start chasing the females and the act begins. The female touches the male’s anus and swallows his semen. It then releases the eggs onto its own anal fins and fertilizes them.

Roe sticks to plants, windows or other elements. By breeding cuiras in a group, we can get even several hundred eggs. They are not considered to be fish that eat their own eggs, but adult fish are best separated. Hatching takes about 3 days.The key to rearing fry is to maintain appropriate water quality (frequent changes).


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