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An active hunter not afraid of water

The Anatoli is an affectionate and playful cat from Turkey. It stands out from its peers in a number of ways. For example, the Anatoli is known for her distinctive stature or for the fact that she likes to go into the water.

History and origin of the Anatoli

As the name Anatoli would suggest, the Anatoli cat breed originated in Anatolia. Because of its hunting abilities, the cat has become popular throughout Turkey over the centuries. The breed was only recognized in Europe in 2000, so despite its history going back thousands of years, it is one of the younger cat breeds.

The official recognition by the World Cat Federation ensured that the lovable short-haired cat is also occasionally bred in Germany. Nevertheless, with an Anatoli you decide for a cat breed that is hardly widespread in Western Europe.

essence and character

You can confidently call the Turkish shorthair cat a playful velvet paw. Lively and agile, the Anatoli cat conquers the world and doesn’t shy away from contact with water. Not only do the cats of this breed love puddles and also pursue their instinct to play and hunt in ponds and pools, but the Anatoli cats also like to take a bath in the summer. The short-piled fur suits their preference for water , because thanks to the hardly any undercoat, the fur of the pedigree cat dries relatively quickly.

If the Turkish Shorthair has been well socialized, then they are extremely open to people and also very affectionate. Nevertheless, you should not underestimate the representatives of the breed, because they know exactly what they want and are happy to enforce their wishes with perseverance. Representatives of the breed also like to make themselves noticed by loud meowing, which is almost reminiscent of birdsong. But even when Anatoli is assertive , she always remains calm and peaceful. In general, the pedigree cats from Anatolia are among the sociable and friendly cats that are also happy about the company of children and conspecifics. Due to their character and traits, you can easily use the Anatoli as a family catchoose, because the agile velvet paw is a real enrichment for the family.

Appearance of the Anatoly

The Anatoli will not only take your heart by storm with her character, but the pedigree cats will also draw your attention with her appearance. With its short-haired coat, which is silky and smooth, close-fitting and soft, the Anatolian exudes a certain elegance. The agile pedigree cats have a pronounced musculature and the broad bone structure is particularly noticeable in the tomcats. The skull, chest and shoulders are particularly pronounced. Their agility is also reflected in their relatively long but strong legs, which are the reason for the impressive jumping ability of the breed of Turkish origin. With its round head and relatively small ears, which are adorned with tufts of hair at the tips, the Anatoly looks almost comical.

attitude and care

Basically, keeping a Turkish Shorthair is relatively uncomplicated , but initially it needs a little more attention until you have gained its trust. Over the long term, cat breeds that have robust health and a long life expectancy tend to be easy to care for and easy to get along with. The initial patience is also rewarded by a particularly strong bond that Turkish Shorthair cats show towards their humans.

Outdoor cat or indoor cat?

The Anatolian Shorthair Cat can be kept both as an outdoor cat and as an indoor cat. In your considerations you should take into account that pedigree cats are very good huntersare well-known and thoroughly enjoy forays into nature. Due to their love for water, water barrels, ponds and the like can of course become dangerous. Although cats are good swimmers, it must be ensured that they can leave the water again without any problems. Accordingly, it would be optimal if you could offer Anatoli a secure garden or at least a secure outdoor space if you keep it as an apartment. With suitable scratching and climbing opportunities, as well as sufficient activity and play units, the cats of the breed also feel comfortable in the apartment and enjoy living closely with their caregivers.

How much employment does Anatoly need?

If you decide to get a Turkish Shorthair cat, you must initially plan a little more time for the young cat. As affectionate and affectionate as cats can be, it is important to gain their trust initially. Accordingly, you should bring patience and lure the playful cats with games without harassing them. In this way you can win the affection bit by bit, because in the case of the cute furry friends you have to earn it first. You will be permanently rewarded with a fascinatingly close bond and will have a lot of fun with your new family member.

You should always offer the Anatolia a variety of climbing and scratching opportunities so that she is physically busy. The cats of the breed enjoy daily play sessions as well as cuddles. When it comes to gaming, hunting games are particularly well received. But the cat breed also has the necessary qualities to retrieve and also the necessary intelligence for clicker training and the like. Thanks to its lovable nature and persistence, you will be happy to spend time with it and enjoy the play sessions just as much as your animal roommate.

grooming and feeding

The short fur of pedigree cats is extremely easy to care for and has little undercoat. Accordingly, it is completely sufficient to brush at regular intervals. If necessary, the Anatolian cats can also be bathed without any problems and sometimes enjoy the bath so much that they want to bathe voluntarily. Even changing the fur of the pedigree cats hardly involves any work, because it is sufficient during this time to simply reduce the frequency of brushing.

As a rule, pedigree cats are good boarders and accept food well. However, it is important to rely on high-quality feed with a high meat content. Because the cats are very active, the breed tends not to be overweight and is known for robust health.

Acquisition of an Anatoli

However, if you want to buy an Anatoli cat, you should think carefully about whether you can take responsibility for the clingy cat. With a life expectancy of 15 to 20 yearsand more, your new roommate will bring you a lot of joy for a long time, if you consider that Turkish Shorthair cats do not like change and do not cope well with a new environment. Accordingly, the breed is suitable for you if you can provide a stable environment. The older the cat, the harder it is to adjust to a new environment, and it becomes harder to trust new people with age. Although the number of Anatoli breeders in Germany and in general in Western Europe is rather small, you should only buy a cat from an appropriate breed so that you can be sure that the animals are already socialized and healthy.

Interesting and worth knowing

The cat breed was shown for the first time in 1995 in Germany at a cat exhibition. Three animals were presented with white fur and different eye colors. However, the recognition of the breed by the breed association and the establishment of the breed standards did not take place until 5 years later. To date, there are only a few breeders dedicated to breeding the rare breed. There was therefore no overbreeding. The animals enjoy particularly robust health and the breed has so far been spared from hereditary diseases.


Are you also big fans of the Anatoli or do you want to get one soon? Tell us in the comments what makes the house tiger so special!

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