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A portrait of the uncomplicated and robust cat breed

In America it is regularly among the top ten most popular pedigree cats , in Germany it is still quite unknown: the American Shorthair or American Shorthair, as it is also called. She is wrongly given little attention, because the four-legged beauty is an ideal cat for beginners with her balanced nature and her robust health and people with cat experience will also have a lot of fun with the lively American.

History of the American Shorthair

The American Shorthair , the and the have common ancestors. It was the Romans who brought cats to Central Europe and Great Britain in ancient times. The cats on the island and those on the European mainland developed differently and adapted to the circumstances. When settlers began migrating to America, they also took cats with them to their new world. For example, it is well known that cats were passengers on the famous Mayflower, a sailing ship that left Plymouth in 1620 and brought the first settlers to New England. The settlers who started from the mainland also took their four-legged friends with them on the journey. The animals already had to prove their robustness during the crossing. They took on mice and even rats that wanted to eat the supplies on the ships.

In their new home, too, they kept the barns and storehouses free of mice and rats. Many of the cats lived semi-feral near humans and only the strongest and best hunters survived and were able to reproduce. Through the centuries there have been interbreedings, both of the two branches and with other breeds of cats. At the beginning of the 20th century, dedicated breeders wanted to prevent this original cat species from disappearing. They began breeding under the name Domestic Shorthair. A breed standard was established that not only refers to the appearance but also to the character of the cats. In 1966, the breed was renamed the American Shorthair, partly to emphasize its origins, partly because of itclearly distinguishable from domestic cats without a breed standard. In Europe, however, the breed still has a hard time gaining a foothold. It is still not recognized by some breeding associations.

essence and character

Like their ancestors, the American Shorthair has a strong hunting instinct. In the house she likes to chase stuffed mice and is very playful. She stays that way into old age. If they have been well socialized, they are people-oriented to the point of being affectionate and obtrusive. She enjoys stroking and cuddling extensively. Their uncomplicated nature makes them an ideal family cat. She also usually gets along well with other pets and even gets along with dogs when not threatened by them. Hamsters, mice and other pets that they might see as prey, if they also live in the household, must be housed in a very solid cage to be on the safe side, so that they do not fall victim to the American Shorthair’s hunting instinct.

It is very adaptable and can also be kept purely as an apartment. But then she should have enough space to let off steam. Also, if you keep her in an apartment, you need to be extra careful that she doesn’t try to escape, because the American Shorthair is extremely curious and if there’s an opportunity to escape from the apartment or house, she’ll take it. It is nice for the lively American when another cat lives in the household with whom she can romp and cuddle. All in all, the even-tempered American Shorthair is an ideal cat for beginners.

Appearance of the American Shorthair

The American Shorthair is a medium-sized cat that can reach a shoulder height of 30 to 35 centimeters. Cats can weigh between 3 and 5 kilos, tomcats between 4 and 7 kilos. Their head is quite broad with slanting, wide-set eyes. Their physique is stocky and muscular , betraying their hunting ancestors. But it is by no means clumsy, on the contrary. She is described as agile and athletic. The fur is short and dense. Most breed clubs allow all colors and all shades.

attitude and care

Thinking about bringing an American Shorthair kitten into your home? Then you will have to search a little, because there are not many breeders in Germany yet. The best thing to do is to find out about a cat breeding club. If you buy a kitten, it is important that the breeder is affiliated with a breed club, as these clubs ensure that everything is done correctly in breeding and that you will have a healthy, well-socialized cat with which to live your cat for the next 15 to 20 years allowed to share life. American Shorthair can get very old, you should be aware of that. You will take responsibility for a living being for many years, but you will also have a lot of fun with it.

acquisition cost

An American Shorthair costs between 600.00 and 1,100.00 euros from a reputable breeder. That may seem like a lot for a kitten at first, but you have to keep in mind that responsible breeding comes with a lot of costs. A pregnant cat will need regular vet visits, and kittens will have been checked, dewormed and vaccinated by the time they move in with you. Before the twelfth week, a cat should not be separated from its family.

How much exercise does the American Shorthair need?

An American Shorthair is a very active cat that needs a lot of activity. You should take your time and play with her regularly, as she tends to become overweight and can then become lazy. Scratching post and toys are a must for them. She also enjoys intelligence toys that challenge her not only physically but also mentally, such as fishing treats out of containers. But she also needs her rest periods and if she wants to withdraw, you should be considerate.

grooming and feeding

Caring for the short, dense coat of the American Shorthair is uncomplicated. You only have to brush them once a week during the change of fur, the cat does everything else when it cleans itself. If she stops doing this and her fur becomes matted, this is usually a sign that she is not feeling well and you should take her to the vet. However, the American Shorthair is a very robust cat that rarely gets sick. You have to be a bit careful when feeding and keep an eye on what she eats, because as mentioned before, she tends to be overweight. When choosing food, you should make sure it is of high quality with lots of protein and few carbohydrates. Under no circumstances should the feed contain sugar. Cats can also get diabetes from too much sugar and unfortunately it is often used as a flavor enhancer in cat food.

Interesting and worth knowing

A particularly famous representative of the breed was the American Shorthair lady India, who lived in the White House as the First Cat of US President George W. Bush.

Are you also a big fan of the American Shorthair or do you want to get one soon? Tell us in the comments what makes the house tiger so special!

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