American Foxhound

Description American Foxhound

Strong in character, friendly, idiosyncratic
This hard-working pack dog is most at home on the hunt. His upbringing is demanding, making him less suitable for families. He wants to do something and if he is underchallenged, he quickly looks for a job himself.FCI Group: Hounds – Scenthounds – Related Breeds

  • Size: Large
  • Weight: 30-34kg
  • Life Expectancy: 11-13 years
  • Coat type: short hair
  • Colours: fawn, black, cream, golden yellow, white

Character American Foxhound

The close relationship with the English Foxhound can be seen immediately in the American Foxhound. However, he differs from the Englishman in his slightly longer legs, overall smaller height and weight. The American Foxhound is lighter.
He has a muscular back and a deep, narrow chest. Its fur is dense, rough and close-fitting.

This breed comes in all colors.
Its head is elongated, as are its floppy ears. These should reach the tip of your nose when you move them forward. His eyes are brown or hazelnut colored and have a friendly charisma.
Since the American Foxhound has an enormous hunting instinct, it is not suitable as a pure companion dog.

He likes to hunt and is a friendly, even-tempered animal when sufficiently busy. In addition, it should not be kept alone. He is happiest as part of a large group when hunting, where he is goal-oriented, courageous, and very social with his fellow dogs. What is also striking about this breed is its loud, deep bark, which sounds more like singing.
The education of the American Foxhound is demanding.

It should be challenged both physically and mentally. A consistent hand is absolutely necessary in order to master the idiosyncratic character of the American.

Diet American Foxhound

Since this dog is best used when hunting, i.e. has a very active day, it should be fed sufficiently and with high quality. It is also just as important to reduce the feed accordingly at a time when he is being exercised less. This is how you prevent obesity, which can otherwise develop quickly. There are no known food allergies that are common in this breed.

Whether dry or wet food, a bowl with fresh drinking water should of course always be available.


The American Foxhound’s coat is easy to care for. Brush it out regularly to keep burrs from forming and allow the skin underneath to breathe properly.
Since an active hunting dog is prone to injury, you should check it after each hunt. It doesn’t necessarily give an obvious indication that something is wrong. The large floppy ears are prone to ear infections and therefore require regular care.

You can also occasionally give your dog chewing bones to prevent tartar.
This large breed is prone to hip dysplasia. Even with HD-free parents, it can happen that the puppies are affected. Therefore, you should have the dog examined by a veterinarian at around eight months. Here, the dog is x-rayed to see if the femoral head is deep enough in the hip socket.

If this is not the case, various surgical interventions can help. Left untreated, hip dysplasia leads to pain and loss of mobility.
In addition, American Foxhounds are prone to thrombocytopenia. This is a genetic disease that prevents blood from clotting. In the case of hunting dogs in particular, you should definitely clarify before you buy whether there are known cases of thrombocytopenia in the pedigree.

That being said, this breed is very hardy and not prone to disease.


His ancestors include French, English and German hounds. The history of the American Foxhound began under the first American President, George Washington. It was originally bred for fox hunting. Even today there are variations of the breed used in the United States for hunting coyotes. Outside of the States, it’s not well known or easily available.

In the meantime he has mainly become a show dog. He is also the national dog of the state of Virginia.

American Foxhound Accessories

In addition to a tear-resistant leash and a good harness. American Foxhound requires a hunting owner to ensure a happy dog. The American needs that kind of utilization. Without participation in regular hunting, he can hardly be kept sufficiently busy.
In addition, the dog should not be kept alone or with small animals.

You can’t expect the distinction between hunted prey and domestic animal from such a passionate hunter. An American Foxhound is best kept as part of a pack that hunts together. These dogs are highly social and sometimes coordinate better with their pack members than with their owners.

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