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An active, intelligent and willing to learn cat

The American Bobtail has a remarkably short tail. But it also stands out from its peers in other respects. For example, the American Bobtail is known for its wide range of colors or for the fact that it likes to go on trips.

History and Origin of the American Bobtail

The history of the American Bobtail began with an accidental discovery in the 1960s. During this period, a stray cat with a stubby tail was discovered in the American state of Arizona – the later founding animal. When breeding began, different cats with short tails were crossed in (long- and short-haired cats with different coat colors), without preferring certain breeds.

By mating a wide variety of animals, the gene pool of American Bobtails is particularly large, which means that the cats are largely free of hereditary diseases typical of the breed. With recognition by TICA (The International Cat Association) in 1989, the breeders recorded their greatest success to date. The American Bobtail is also recognized as a breed in the LOOF standard (Livre Officiel des Origines Félines). However, recognition by the FIFe (Fédération Internationale Féline), which applies in Germany, is still pending.

essence and character

As with other cat breeds, the characteristics of the individual individuals can be very different. However, the American Bobtail tends to:

  • Curious
  • Sociable
  • people related
  • freedom loving
  • peaceful
  • active
  • Playful

Appearance of the American Bobtail

The American Bobtail is a medium-sized cat and reaches a body weight of around seven kilograms. Your build is athletic and muscular with a broad chest. Because the front legs are longer than the back legs, the back arches up towards the neck. The special focus of this cat is on the tail , which is due to a spontaneous gene mutation and is inherited in a dominant manner. The cat’s tail does not look uniform – it can be curved, curled and knotted. In addition, it varies in length and shortness (as a guide, the American Bobtail’s tail is about a third of the length of that of other cats).

The head is broad with a pronounced cheek and jawline. The eyes are large, oval-shaped and in harmony with the fur. The ears are medium-sized and have a small tuft of fur on the tip. Also, the American Bobtail has fur between the toes. In general, all coat colors and patterns are recognized. The length of the fur is also left open in the standard and is not defined as binding. However, the American Bobtail always has a dense double coat that is soft and shiny.

attitude and care

The American Bobtail is an affectionate cat that is not good at being left alone. If the human does not have time for them, at least one other cat should be present. However, the American Bobtail also makes friends with dogs if it can gradually approach the other species. The velvet paw has no preference for a certain category of people, they like seniors and children equally. All that matters is that there is someone at home that she can interact with.

By the way : The communication of the American Bobtail is comparatively quiet. Their sounds sound less like those of a cat than those of a pigeon that is cooing.

Because the genome of the American Bobtail can be traced back to common domestic cats, there is genetic diversity. That is why the pedigree cat rarely gets sick. However, due to the different lengths of her legs, she can have problems with her hips and her stubby tail can cause problems with her spine. In addition, she can suffer from all diseases that are typical of domestic cats in the course of her life. The susceptibility to dental problems also seems to be slightly increased in the American Bobtail.

Outdoor cat or indoor cat?

Because the American Bobtail is lively , a large yard or unrestricted outdoor access would be ideal for them. Outdoor housing is therefore the recommended form of housing, but on the premise that the cat can enter the protected interior space in bad weather, at night and in the event of danger. If the apartment is cat-friendly, keeping it indoors is also an option. However, the entrances must be well secured. The American Bobtail is curious and intelligent, which is why it tends to escape. She is lightning fast and smart enough to learn the mechanism of a doorknob. Therefore, to be on the safe side, lock the apartment door, even if you are present yourself.

How Much Employment Does the American Bobtail Need?

The American Bobtail has phases when it likes to move. Basically, their desire for physical activity lies in a pleasant midfield. What she likes are intelligence toys and scratching posts that she can climb up and sharpen her claws on. In any case, these should not be missing in a cat-friendly apartment, which is why the American Bobtail is an absolutely average cat in this respect.

grooming and feeding

The American Bobtail is very uncomplicated in terms of the daily grooming routine. She has neither special demands on the food nor a coat that requires care. However, individuals who are interested in food gain weight quite quickly, but you can prevent this with anti-snarling bowls, an automatic feed portioner or manual feed allocation. It is particularly important that the food consists of high-quality ingredients and suits the cat’s characteristics (adapted to age, any illnesses/intolerances and individual energy requirements).

In principle, the coat of the American Bobtail is very easy to care for. During the change of fur, however, the effort increases at times. You can help the cat change its coat by brushing it daily and removing tangles. However, many representatives of the breed – especially short-haired cats – can get by without the daily care program.

Acquisition of an American Bobtail

The American Bobtail has only been recognized since 1989. So she is still a young pedigree animal that can only be bought from selected breeders. Make sure you only buy from people you can personally visit and see for yourself about the condition of the animals and the living conditions there. Sellers who refuse you this request are dubious. The purchase price may vary depending on genetic origin, gender, age and appearance. Expect a minimum price of around 1,000 euros for a purebred animal. Although the purchase price is above average, you spend exactly the same amount for the running costs as for other cats. Calculated over the years, the high acquisition costs will be put into perspective again.

Interesting and worth knowing

So the American Bobtail is a low-maintenance family cat, but that’s not all:

  • While most cat owners organize a cat sitter while on vacation, the American Bobtail is happy to come with them. It has therefore established itself as a popular pet for truck drivers.
  • We are already used to dogs being used for therapeutic purposes. But the American Bobtail can do that too. Because she is so empathetic and friendly , she helps to provide therapy for those seeking advice.
  • The ancestors of the American Bobtail are said to have been a bobcat and a house cat. However, this assumption turned out to be a myth. Biologically, the two animal species can produce hybrids, but these would be sterile, so they could not reproduce further.
  • American Bobtails are playful and intelligent. Some of them have canine traits, learn tricks, and can fetch things.
  • While other cats have a strong aversion to water, some American Bobtails enjoy it and enjoy water features.

The American Bobtail is manoeuvrable and agile. She is associated with the famous escape artist Harry Houdini because of her ability to squeeze through tiny openings and escape from a wide variety of situations.

Are you also a big fan of the American Bobtail or do you want to get one soon? Tell us in the comments what makes the house tiger so special!

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