American Akita

Description American Akita

Independent, self-confident, personal
The American Akita is one of the most impressive dog breeds out there. He is particularly striking because of his strong physique, the rolled tail and the balanced coat design.FCI Group: Spitz – Primitive type dogs

  • Size: Large
  • Weight: 30-40kg
  • Life expectancy: 11-13 years
  • Coat Type: Medium Hair
  • Colors: All coat colors, brindle, spotted

Character American Akita

The American Akita is a dog breed recognized by the largest cynological governing body, the Fédération Cynologique Internationale. The FCI placed the breed in Group 5, Spitz and Primitive Type, Section 5, Asian Spitz and related breeds. The default number is 344, with no work check.
The physical appearance of the four-legged friend is balanced. It is large and powerful and longer than it is tall.

Bone structure is made up of strong and heavy bones.
The prominent head has a broad and slightly triangular shape. His catch is deep. The dark brown eyes are not very big. The alert and pointed ears are striking.

They always seem to be listening.
The fur consists of stick hair. Its vigorous growth points to the close relationship to the Nordic dog breeds. The upper hair is short. The undercoat is strong, soft and also short.

The typical tail is curled and carried on the back. The hair of the tail is bushy. It differs from the rest of the fur design by being longer and thicker. The hair on the withers and croup is also significantly longer.
All coat colors are allowed for the American Akita.

There are also brindle and piebald variants. According to the breed standard, the coloring of the head and body is clearly laid out.
Pied breeds show evenly spaced spots on a white background. They spread all over the head and body. Some animals have a mask and blaze as well as differently colored undercoat and top coat.

The American Akita is suitable for people who prefer a dog with an independent, strong and at the same time sensitive character. He is considered fearless and sublime. He is known for keeping his calm and composure even in difficult situations.
The breed has retained the hunting behavior inherited from the Japanese to this day. You can only tame this drive through consistent training and a strong bond with yourself.

The relationship of the dog to a leader and its intelligence is outstanding. He is also friendly, docile, obedient and works with concentration. These qualities are good prerequisites for a successful upbringing. They can also help when stubbornness occurs.
An adult Akita often keeps his distance from his peers.

Male dogs in particular, but also bitches, tend to behave dominantly when meeting. This peculiarity is often lost through a lot of positive contact in puppy and youth age.
Basically, the four-legged friend can be easily integrated into the family. He also gets along well with children. Because he has a strong protective instinct, his role in the pack must be clear.

Due to its distinctive hunting behavior and territorial behavior, it tends to be very attentive and vigilant. If necessary, he strikes by barking loudly.
The American Akita likes quiet but also challenging times. He wants to measure his strength and needs enough daily exercise. The requirement for exercise and employment depend on the age and the need for exercise of the animal.

A puppy or young dog needs short walks several times a day. An adult dog, on the other hand, needs a one-and-a-half to two-hour run at least three times a day. Sniffing and tagging are of course included.
Just like humans, dogs need a safe place in the house. This serves as a retreat, resting and sleeping place.

You should set this up where the dog can at least partially see his surroundings. He should be able to participate in family life.

Diet American Akita

The American Akita is content with regular dog food. An optimal diet is balanced and varied. This also applies to healthy treats and snacks.
The daily quantity and quality of the food should be adjusted to the dog’s age and activities. Giving small amounts throughout the day is often better for digestion than a large ration of food.

Appropriate pet food for large breed dogs should be used. Proper nutrition begins with puppies and continues with adolescents and adults. Old and sick animals definitely need special food.
Quality food is made up of animal proteins. All the necessary nutrients and vitamins are also included.

High-fat food, flavor enhancers, additives and colorings do not belong in the food. Cooked bones are to be avoided as they form slivers that hurt when chewed.
Every now and then it is advisable to give a dried beef bridle, a beef ear or a chewing bone. Such delicacies make for a tasty change. They also strengthen the chewing muscles and challenge the animal’s teeth and dexterity.

Fresh water from a clean bowl is a matter of course. Make sure the dog can access its bowl as needed. After eating, he should rest and digest. In this way, no unforeseen digestive problems can arise.


The right care refers to the coat, the teeth, the ears, the paws and the claws. To counteract tangles and parasites, the fur should be brushed regularly. Several times a week is enough.
Shedding takes place twice a year. During this time you can brush your dog every day.

This way you will help him get rid of the excess hair more easily. He does not have to scratch himself as often and is gentle on the skin. Wet cleaning is only necessary if it is really needed.
You also need to check the Akita’s regularly for possible parasite infestations. This is especially true if he scratches and shakes himself unusually often.

Ticks, fleas, mites and allergies are among the most common causes of the disease. Clear signs are itching, sticky ears and eyes as well as injuries and soft tissues. An early visit to the veterinarian brings enlightenment and prevents worse.
By cleaning your ears regularly, you counteract parasite infestation and possible hearing blockages. By cleaning your teeth, you remove tartar.

You prevent inflammation and putrefaction.
Last but not least, regular vaccinations and ensuring the necessary vaccination protection are important. It can be important to carry out worming and mite protection.
Anyone who buys an Amerian Akita gives him enough work. Working with your nose, search games or mantrailing are suitable as a balance to the hunting instinct.

Dog sports such as obedience, agility, dog dance, lunging and trick training are also suitable.
These tasks keep the dog busy both physically and mentally. The exercises also support the learning of obedience. A large garden with an outlet at the house or in a rural area would be desirable.
As for all dogs, the best activity for the American Akita is socializing with other dogs.

This supports successful socialization and promotes well-being.


The American Akita is a very old Japanese dog breed. Scientists have discovered similar depictions of dogs in stone drawings that are thousands of years old. In 1603 the first “Akita Matagis” were bred in the Akita region.
This is a medium-sized breed of dog. They served primarily as faithful companions of the samurai.

In other countries, the animals found their primary use in bear hunting and dog fighting.
In 1956 the Americans started their own breeding. The American Akita or American Akita was born. The Accords still wear mainly dark face masks today. They have a strong stature and a balanced character.

The Japanese did not recognize these occurrences as a breed. They started breeding again. The Japanese Akita, also called Akita Inu, emerged.
The resulting deposits are white, red, toast or brindle colored. They are smaller and not as stocky.

Her character is considered more balanced and aggressive than that of her American relatives.

American Akita Accessories

The suitable berth of the American Akita is in a fixed place. Ideally within people’s living quarters. It is quiet, dry and not drafty there. The base consists of a comfortable and easy-care blanket. The basket includes a comfortable insert.

The space is large enough for your four-legged friend to stretch out and turn around if necessary. Each dog needs two food bowls. One is for the food and one is for the water. Height-adjustable bowls are available for large dogs. This allows the large four-legged friend to eat and drink comfortably.

The right harness fits the dog exactly. It doesn’t constrict him and doesn’t hurt. It helps you to guide your friend on walk. If the dog travels in the car, it needs a transport box or a safety belt for the necessary safety.
The game equipment must not be able to be broken down into small parts by the dog.

Otherwise there is a risk that he will swallow them and be damaged.

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