6 Effective Anti-Tick Remedies for Different Animals

What to consider when choosing anti-tick preparations

    1. Most often, cats and dogs need different medications. Some active ingredients are safe for dogs, but may be toxic for cats.
    2. Breed matters. Not only because of the size, but also because some breeds of dogs, such as Collies and Shelties, are more susceptible to tick poisoning because they have a mutation in the MDR1 gene. Cats may also be susceptible to tick poisoning if they have the MDR1 gene mutation. This gene affects how the body processes certain drugs, including some anti-tick medications. If an animal has this mutation, it is important to choose a medication that does not contain ivermectin or milbemycin oxime. These two drugs can be toxic to animals with the MDR1 gene mutation.
    3. Drugs that are safe for healthy animals can be too toxic for those with a weakened state of health.
    4. Young or advanced age can make animals more sensitive to the effects of drugs, so care must be taken in selecting parasites treatments and other medications..
    5. Lifestyle is important, – for example, if a pet spends a lot of time outdoors on the street, they may need enhanced protection against parasites and other dangers

There are many different anti-tick remedies on the market for different animals, but not all of them are effective. Here is a list of six of the most effective anti-tick remedies, based on research and customer feedback.

Bravecto tablets

Protection for 12 weeks
Bravecto is a chewable tablet that kills ticks on contact. It contains the active ingredient fluralaner, which rapidly eliminates ticks from the animal’s body. Bravecto is safe and effective for dogs and cats of all ages, including pregnant animals and those nursing puppies or kittens. The tablets are easy to administer and can be given either as a standalone treatment or in conjunction with other tick control methods


  • The main advantage of Bravecto tablets is their high efficacy against ticks. A single dose will kill virtually all ticks on an animal, which makes it a very convenient treatment option. The tablets are also long-lasting, providing protection against tick bites for up to 12 weeks. This means that you only need to give your pet one dose per year, rather than multiple doses with other medications.


  • There are some minor disadvantages associated with Bravecto tablets however. For example, they can occasionally cause vomiting or diarrhea in some pets. They may also not be as effective at killing deer ticks (the type of tick responsible for Lyme disease) as other medications available on the market.

Frontline NexgarD tablets

Suitable for older animals
Frontline Nexgard tablets are a monthly chewable tablet for the prevention and treatment of fleas and ticks in dogs. The active ingredient is afoxolaner, which kills adult fleas before they can lay eggs, as well as ticks (including those that may carry Lyme disease, Anaplasmosis, Ehrlichiosis and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever). Nexgard is safe for use in dogs 8 weeks of age or older and at least 2 pounds in weight. It begins killing fleas within 30 minutes of administration and lasts for a full month.


  • Ease of use- they can be given as a chewable tablet or added to food- and their long lasting protection against fleas and ticks.


  • Some dogs may experience mild gastrointestinal side effects such as vomiting or diarrhea after taking them.

“Frontline Combo Spot-On” Drops 

Paralyze ticks
Frontline Combo Spot-On Drops is a topical flea and tick medication for dogs and cats. The active ingredient in Frontline Combo is fipronil, which kills adult fleas, ticks, and chewing lice on contact. It also breaks the flea life cycle by killing eggs and larvae. Fipronil is combined with (S)-methoprene, which prevents new infestations of adult fleas for up to six weeks. Frontline Combo is safe for use in pregnant or nursing animals and can be used on puppies or kittens as young as eight weeks old.


  • Provides protection against multiple types of pests. In addition to killing fleas and ticks, it also eliminates chewing lice.Has a long shelf life; the drops will remain effective for up to six months after opening them


  • May cause skin irritation in some pets. Fipronil is toxic to rabbits: if a dog or cat is next to it, it is better to choose a different remedy.

 “Advantix” Drops

Suitable for different breeds of dogs
Advantix is a topical flea and tick preventative for dogs that contains the active ingredient imidacloprid. It is available as a liquid or spot-on solution that is applied to the skin between the shoulder blades. Advantix kills adult fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes on contact and also prevents them from breeding. It can be used on puppies as young as seven weeks old and provides protection against fleas, ticks, mosquito bites, heartworm disease, and other parasites for up to four weeks.


  • The main advantage of Advantix over other topical flea treatments is its ability to kill ticks.Advantix also lasts for four weeks instead of just one or two like some other products do.


  • The only downside to using AdvantIX is that some pets may experience skin irritation or itching after application.

 “Foresto” Collar

Protects for 8 months
Foresto is a new type of flea and tick collar that contains an active ingredient called S-methoprene. This collar kills fleas and ticks on contact, and also prevents them from reproducing. As a result, Foresto can provide long-term protection against these pests. The collar is safe for both dogs and cats, and can be used on puppies and kittens 8 weeks or older


  • It is all-natural and therefore doesn’t have any harmful side effects. It kills ticks and fleas quickly, so dogs don’t have to suffer from their bites for long. Another advantage is that Foresto can be used on any breed of dog, regardless of size or age.


  • The main con of using Foresto is that it can take up to 24 hours after putting the collar on your dog before they are fully protected from ticks and fleas. So if your dog happens to get bit by a tick or infected withfleas in the first day or two after putting on the collar, they may not be fully protected yet.

 Frontline Spray

Suitable for puppies and kittens
Frontline Spray is a product that uses an active ingredient to kill fleas and ticks on contact. It is available over the counter and can be used on cats, dogs, and horses. The product comes in a liquid form that is sprayed directly onto the animal’s skin. It kills fleas within 12 hours and ticks within 48 hours. Frontline Spray also repels mosquitoes for up to two weeks.
The active ingredient in Frontline Spray is fipronil, which belongs to a class of chemicals called phenylpyrazoles. Fipronil works by blocking GABA receptors, which are essential for nerve function. This causes paralysis and death in insects or other pests that come into contact with it.


  • It is quickly eliminates fleas and ticks on contact without having to wait for them to bite the animal first (which can be painful). The product also lasts for several weeks, making it convenient for monthly treatment schedules..


  • The main downside of using Frontline Spray is its potential toxicity if ingested by humans or animals other than those being treated (such as livestock). Fipronil has been shown to cause adverse effects such as vomiting, diarrhea, seizures, respiratory distress etc., so care should be taken when using this product not to accidentally get any on your skin or ingest any inadvertently

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